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Digital Media

MDUSD offers digital media pathways at most of its schools. While the arts pathways are sometimes overlooked in favor of health care or engineering, according to the California Department of Education, the Arts, Media, and Entertainment industry sector requires perhaps the greatest cross-disciplinary interaction because the work in this sector is largely project-based, requiring both independent work and interdependent management skills for career success. New technologies are also constantly reshaping skill sets of many arts career pathways. Consequently, arts-sector occupations demand constantly varying combinations of artistic imagination, metaphoric representation, symbolic connections, and technical skills. To help prepare students to pursue careers within this industry sector requires both broad and in-depth academic and technical preparation as well as the cultivation of twenty-first-century skill assets, such as flexibility, problem-solving abilities, and interpersonal skills. MDUSD digital media pathways include instruction in graphic design, video production, website design, and game design. These areas tend to be high interest areas for students and it is an opportunity to integrate the career readiness with the technical skills of the industry sector. In all of the pathways, students have an opportunity to provide digital media services to community partners, learning how to meet a clients’ needs. Industry partners include Red Dog Graphics, the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce, Sun Valley Mall, and Signature d’Sign. Through the manipulation of sight, sound, and motion, those
choosing a pathway from this sector reach out in unique ways to enhance the quality of life for those around them.

-Digital Animator

-Artistic Director

-Commercial Artist

- Web Designer


-Graphic Designer


The Photography Program offers 4 courses: Photography 1, Photography 2, Advanced ROP Photography & AP Studio Art: 2d Design Portfolio. Photo 1 & @ are articulated with ARTDM 105 & ART 160 at DVC. The photo program leads students through developing their skills in Adobe Software, Camera Functions, Work Based Learning Experiences & Community Showcases of their work.