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February 18, 2020 - Community Forum Feedback, Ygnacio Valley High School

• Do students in MDUSD receive priority placement at “magnet” or choice schools over out of district students?

Absolutely. If there classrooms with openings, we do allow interdistrict transfers into MDUSD.

• What constitutes “average daily attendance funding” for high school students?

If a student is present for one class then we get the full funding for that day for that student. It is based on any periods throughout the day

• Are we creating other choice programs in the district, such as those that focus on Special Education students?

There is no plan at this time to create any other choice programs.

• There is a line item in the budget for $16,000,000 of “other pay.” What is other pay?

Our expenses in the category of “other pay” includes expenses such as substitute teachers, overtime pay, hourly work that staff is approved to complete, stipends that are part of contractual bargaining agreements and are paid for staff who work specific projects outside of their daily schedule (i.e. the band teacher receives a stipend for the afterschool and weekend work with students), overtime, and extra pay.

• What about bonuses?

Employees in school districts do not receive bonuses.

• When a student is suspended, do we still receive the daily funding for that student?

If the child has already been in school for part of the day prior to the suspension, we receive the funding. Otherwise, we do not.

• What is the impact of the charter schools and private school on MDUSD attendance?

When charter schools have opened, we have seen notable declines in enrollment in those years.

• State government is not fully funding Special Education. How can we motivate our parents and communities to help garner more funding?

We will share more information on our website under “frequently asked questions.”

• We should talk to our Governor, and work with the Education Coalition to receive adequate funding. Board member Cherise Khaund shared the @cccfunded on twitter to stay informed and advocate.

• What is the timeline for the reductions of the Programs in MDUSD?

Reductions will begin at the board meeting on February 24th and will continue in the meetings that follow.

• What reductions will taken at most of the schools?

Dr Gonzales clarified that no specific percentage has been given to Principals for reductions yet, as we are still early in the budget cycle. The goal is to have preliminary budget and staffing information to principals by Friday, February 21st.

• Why does MDUSD only have 2 months to figure this budget reductions?

The reason is because we have a tentative agreement with our bargaining groups that will require significant reductions in spending. The bulk of our positions in the district are considered “certificated” which means the staff must be informed by March 15th that they may not return next year. Board action must be taken prior to March 15th. 2/18/2020

• How we are staffing and how we are doing our enrollment counts?

We are looking closely at enrollment

• When do we expect principals to hear about staffing for their site staff?

Fiscal Department has been working with the Contra Costa County Office of Education to review and double check numbers. Our goal is to have information to the principals by afternoon, Friday, February 21st.

• Thank you to teachers, administrators and parents for engaging in this process….. We need to have a breakdown for the reduction and a process for understanding the “impact to students” with the reductions.

• Parent recommended that MDUSD needs to do a better job of communicating with the parents need to know about the budget, state funding for schools, petition Schools and Communities First measure ballot, and to help to inform parent community to help advocate for better funding for CA schools.

• Representatives of the teacher’s union stated that many things were not on the tiered list that were from other surveys.

• One parent asked about when the process would begin to look at school closures. Dr. Gonzales (Chief Business Officer) explained that if the Board wanted that process to be explored, they would direct staff to do so.

• Dr. Gonzales shared that we need to make approximately $22.5 million in reductions for the CCCOE to approve our budget.

• YVHS parents asked if the IB program would continue and Dr. Gonzales explained that no decision has been made yet in regards to International Baccaulaureate.