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Coronavirus Response


Working Together to Keep Our Students Safe
- Roadmap to Reopen Launched - 

Updated: 07-17-2020

Roadmap to Reopen
     The 2020-21 school year will begin on August 13th, and we look forward to reopening, with safety, community, equity, and quality instruction at the forefront of our collective minds. The Roadmap to Reopen web page will be our communication and participation platform for staff, students, and our community to keep up-to-date on the progress we are making in our Roadmap to Reopen. You will find that our Roadmap to Reopen is a structured timeline that revolves around our three task force groups:

1) Health and Safety Task Force
2) School Operations Task Force
3) Technology, Teaching, and Learning Task Force

     The purpose of our Task Forces is to provide input to the Board of Education on multiple school reopening scenarios that comply with applicable public health orders. The Board of Education will have the final responsibility to decide how Mt. Diablo Unified Schools will reopen.
     Going forward, you can expect that we will continue with our Friday Letters, that we will regularly update our Roadmap to Reopen, and that we will utilize a variety of communication methods to keep you informed.

     In early June, State Superintendent Tony Thurmond published this guide, which includes important guidance that we will consider as we collaborate towards our re-opening. 

     District leadership maintains weekly updates in communication to staff and the community in Friday Letters, which have included a variety of subjects. Find the complete set of more than 37 Friday Letters here

     We are proud to continue free community meals on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 locations district-wide. 
     Summertime meal flyers: 
     English Flyer | Spanish Flyer

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     Helpful resources: 

The Facts: 

     A new (“novel”) virus is causing an outbreak of respiratory illness called coronavirus (COVID-19). The outbreak began in December of 2019 in Hubei Province, China, but outbreaks are now occurring in other countries around the world. Residents of Contra Costa County following preventative measures and shelter in place orders remain at a lower risk of becoming infected with novel coronavirus.