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Coronavirus Response FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be graduation or promotion ceremonies and celebrations this year?

              Yes, MDUSD will look to honor these important milestones and recognize our graduating classes. Unfortunately, as we know, the summertime ceremonies and events have been cancelled, but we are looking now to make alternative arrangements for when such gatherings are once again possible. 

When will students return to schools?

              For the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, MDUSD has formally closed schools and has transitioned to a distance learning model.  The school year will not be extended to make up for closure days. 

              For the 2020-21 school year, we are hopeful and anticipate returning to school sites in August. Our district must continue to evaluate health and safety risks in coordination with the Contra Costa County Office of Education, local Public Health Officials, and state governance. The decision to reopen will become clearer as the school year approaches.

Will summer school or Extended School Year be held this year?

MDUSD has formally closed schools until June 3rd and has transitioned to a distance learning model. For the Extended School Year (ESY) and the credit recovery high school program, staff is anticipating and planning for a similar distance learning program starting mid- June, with priority given to senior students needing credit recovery.

Has MDUSD revised its grading and graduation policies?

In alignment with the guidance provided by the California Department of Education, MDUSD has transitioned to the following grading and graduation policies:

  • Elementary Levels: Third trimester report cards will be completed, and the Not Assessed mark may be utilized in the event that a teacher, due to these unique circumstances, is unable to assess standards mastery. 
  • Secondary Level: Third quarter grades will stand, with the opportunity for students to improve their grades going forward. Fourth quarter grades will be a credit/no credit mark based on engagement and work submitted. Semester credit/ no credit will be issued based on 3rd quarter grade, work submitted during the closure, and how the student demonstrated engagement.
  • Graduation Policies: Our current graduation requirements still stand, because they allow for our credit/no credit policy. Students in special circumstances will be considered.

The UC/CSU system in California has revised its policy to accept Credit/No Credit in lieu of grading for the students impacted by the policy. Students are held harmless. 

Are Special Education services continuing?

              Yes, Special Education services are continuing virtually to the greatest extent possible. Teachers are offering their own specialized academic instruction through the same formats as the general education teachers--online video, meetings, google classrooms, etc. They are also consulting with general education staff to ensure that adaptations are being provided to allow full accessibility to learning opportunities  in those courses.   Our teachers also collaborate to develop activities with each other, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and other service providers in order to provide support from a distance.  Due to countywide shelter in place and the challenges with providing related services such as speech therapy and occupational therapy virtually we are continuing to address these needs through consultation and modeling.  

Students are being provided access to tools including communication systems, visual supports including schedules, positioning systems, accessible technology and others.  If your child requires access to a tool they do not yet have, please contact your child’s case manager or our special education department for additional guidance. 

We are continuing to hold annual and triennial IEPS to the extent we are able by utilizing the Trienniel Review Process where appropriate.   At this time, initial IEPs and triennials that require additional assessment are not able to be completed due to the “in-person,” classroom observations and evaluations required. All IEP meetings will be held in a virtual format during this time period.

For additional information, please contact the Special Education Department

Are meal services continuing?

     Yes, MDUSD is proud to continue with curbside meal services at nine locations district wide, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. English Flyer | Spanish Flyer. Over 45,000 meals are being served to our families each week.
     Summertime meal flyers: English Flyer | Spanish Flyer

How do I get help from my teacher, counselor, or administrator during this closure?

During the school closure, teachers, counselors, and administrators are available to answer questions and to provide support.  Teachers host “virtual office hours” each day and can be reached by email.  Counselors and administrators can also be reached by email.  Additional information on how to contact staff is located on school websites. 

Are there Chromebook laptops available for my child? 

              Our technology and school site leaders have coordinated a large distribution, loaning close to 7,000 Chromebooks to our students, but our work to close the technology gap is not done.

              To help us bridge this gap, our partners at the MDUSD Education Foundation have established a Coronavirus Remote Learning Fund. Every dollar in donations made to this fund will go toward the acquisition and distribution of distance learning technologies, all designed to do one thing: help our students succeed and stay connected during these unprecedented times.

              Please express your technology needs to your school site Principals, because we will continue to distribute new purchases to our families. 

Where can I find information about affordable internet?

              Because access to affordable home internet options for our families is highly critical, we are proud of a newly formed partnership with EveryoneOn through the California Emerging Technology Fund. Flyers that are specific to MDUSD are available here in English and in Spanish.

How do I update my contact information?

              Parents may contact their school sites or Student Services for updates to contact information, including phone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, and district communications language preferences. 

How do I pick up my students personal items from their desk or locker?

              Plans on how students can retrieve their belongings prior to the end of the year is currently being discussed keeping in mind physical distancing and flexible scheduling.  Once this is finalized, school sites will be communicating directly with their students and their school community. 

Will my student have to take California standardized tests online this spring?

              The annual California Assessment for Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) testing for English/ Language Arts, mathematics and science, the summative English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC),  and the Physical Fitness Testing (PFT) have all been suspended or postponed for this year.

What about AP Exams?

              AP Exams can be taken online on any device you have access to—computer, tablet, or smartphone. Students will also have the option to write your responses by hand and submit a photo.  Students should contact their teacher with questions or visit the AP College Board website  for more information.

What about SAT or ACT Testing?

At this moment, the SAT and SAT Subject Tests as planned in June have been canceled. Please visit the ACT/SAT College Board website for updated SAT and ACT information.

How will I know that my child is staying on track with their learning?

While we know that parents are providing instruction to the best of their individual abilities, we know that there is no substitute for face-to-face, in classroom instruction by teachers. To that end, we know that all students will require support when school resumes and please know that our teachers, along with other teachers all over the world, will be ready to meet them where they are and provide them with the skills they need to catch up.                                     

During the period of closures, there are many ways in which teachers will be involved in monitoring the progress of students and sharing this information with families. Your child’s teacher is still providing feedback through our various digital platforms and will be available to students and their families during designated office hours. MDUSD will also monitor attendance via remote access to ensure that students are engaged in their learning and to follow up with families where there are concerns.

How do I support my child’s learning if we have multiple children at home?

Creating schedules and having quiet places for study will help when multiple children are attempting their school work each day. Some families may require additional technology to enable their children to access learning activities.  If this is the case, please contact your child's site principal and make arrangements for device pick up. We are working diligently to close the technology gap and to get our families connected. 

Where can I find additional information on social-emotional resources for my child?

Tools and resources for families can be found on the MDUSD District website Counseling Resources for Parents.