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Custodial Division

Custodial Department

Many factors affect a students health which in turn influences attendance and most importantly alertness.  We strive to maintain clean spaces that nourish learning from indoor air quality to the cleaning products used.  As we focus on more environmentally safe products we are always conscious of these effects on our future generations. 

Our custodial department focuses on...

Facility Upkeep

Waste Management

Solid Waste Disposal




We have been taking extra precautions as a result of the pandemic, please view all of our daily and nightly procedures below.



Custodial Department Contacts

David Hart

Building and Grounds Manager

925 825-7440 x3865

Jeff West

Assistant Building and Grounds Manager

925 825-7440 x3822

Anabelle Anading

Custodial Secretary

925 825-7440 x3820


Nick Jakobsen

Area Facilities Manager

925 825-7440 x3821