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Environmental Safety, Pest Control & Pesticides


Not only do we want to keep our students safe, we also want to protect the environment they need to grow in.  From using green products to removing any Hazardous Waste properly as well as Asbestos, we are always learning and educating our staff on proper procedures.  

We regularly follow the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Management Plan for our regularly scheduled inspections.

Our goal is to improve student health, motivation and productivity by maintaining Indoor Air Quality while simultaneously reducing energy and water use, thus allowing more flexibility to budget more important things like books and computers.

The new buildings we construct are based on industry accepted energy and environmental principles which is an assessment passed on through the Leadership in Energy and Environamental Design (LEED).

If you have any questions please contact David Hart at 925 825-7440 x3865



Product Name Active Ingredient
Dimension 270G Dithiapyr
Pendulum Pendimethalin
Reward Aquatic and Non-Crop Herbicide Diquat Dibromide


Product Name Active Ingredient
Gentrol IGR Concentrate Hydroprene
Onslaught Esfenvalerate
Precore 2000 Methoprene
Premise 75WP Imadacioprid 75%, Inert Ingredients 25%
Suspend SC Deltamethrin 4.75%, Inert Ingredients 92.25%
Masterline Bifenthrun 7.9%, Inert Ingredients 92.1%
Essentria Rosemary Oil 10%, Geraniol 5%, Peppermint Oil 2%, Inert Ingredients 83%
Whitmore Wasp Freeze D-Trans Allerthrin, Phenothrin
Advion Indoxacarb .05%, Inert Ingredients 99.95%
565 Drain Gel Phrethrins .5%, Piperonyl Butoxide 1%, n-Octyl Bicyclohetene Dicarboximide 1%, Other Ingredients 97.5%

Rodent Control

Product Name Active Ingredient
Gopher X Non Toxic Vegetable and Mineral Oil Blend
Fastrac Bromethain .01%, Inert Ingredients 99.9%
Treated Grain Diphacinone .005%, Inert Ingredients 99.995%