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Phone: (925) 682-8000


Fax: (925) 676-4092

Daily Hours:

8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


    Extension #           Email 
CHIEF of HR Dr. John Rubio Ext 4137


Dr. Dan Scudero

Ext 4142

DIRECTOR of HR  Ryan Sheehy Ext


Administrative Assistant – C/F


Sandra Barnhart


Ext 4136

HR Analyst – C/F Emily Lopez Frizzell Ext 4296
HR Assistant II Chris Essayan Ext 4122
HR Assistant Gaby Villasenor Ext 4147
HR Assistant Ashlee Grant Ext 4153
HR Assistant Kacina Leung Ext 4110
HR Assistant Cyndi Mallory Ext 4159
HR Credential Analyst– C/F Diane Thompson Ext 4121
HR Credential Analyst– C/F Fanny Darling Ext 4151
HR Specialist – C/F Hilary Honnette Ext 4149
HR Specialist – C/F Sunitha Rakesh Ext 4150
HR Specialist – C/F Renee Rogers Ext 4139
HR Technician Anna Miles  Ext 4140