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Device Purchasing Information


MDUSD Parents and Guardians,

Many of you have reached out to inquire about purchasing a device for your students. While we are not selling devices, we do want to provide information about devices. There are many vendors who sell Chromebooks, the devices students are most familiar with.  We do recommend that you consult this list from Google to make sure that the Chromebook you purchase has support from Google  through June 2026 or June 2028. 

Below is a current list of Chromebooks that are currently in stock at vendor sites that we would recommend.  *Please note this is currently being re-evaluated and updates coming soon.

In partnership with EveryoneON, MDUSD is sharing information about low cost internet and technology as another resource for parents. Please visit EveryoneON for more information.


Xfinity customers are able to take advantage of wifi hotspots, at no additional cost, through their existing account. Visit the Xfinitiy website for more information.


AT&T is offering a low cost internet option through their Access program. 


Internet Essentials is a starter program that provides families and other low-income households in-home Internet and more to stay connected.


Internet First though Wave is offering qualified households up to 25 mbps for $9.95 a month


Can I use a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macbook computer?

Yes. These computers can be used for distance learning from home, but we will only be allowing Chromebooks to be used at school sites when students return physically to school. The reason for this is that we cannot effectively manage student-owned Macbooks and Microsoft Windows computers to prepare them for state testing and other District level settings.

What specifications should I be looking for when purchasing a Chromebook or using an existing computer from home?

The device should:

  • Connect to the internet via wifi
  • Have at least 5 hours of battery life
  • Have a headphone jack (students should bring their own headphones as well)
  • Be able to run all google apps like docs, sheets, slides, etc.
  • Chromebooks should have at least 4GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage
  • Have a minimum of an 11" screen