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Email Migration

Why now?

We had two email systems, Microsoft Exchange ( and Gmail (  We have now migrated users from Microsoft Exchange environment to Gmail so that staff will only have one email ( account to check plus,  we reduce the costs associated with maintaining two separate systems. Additionally, staff currently use several G-Suite products that will benefit from a more fully integrated Gmail account.

How to Access your District Email
Top 10 Questions

1. How do I access my MDUSD email account?

Directions on how to access your account can be found here.

2. Who?

All MDUSD staff.

3. When will this migration happen?

We are having the full migration June 23, 2020 from Outlook to Gmail.

4. What email address will I have after this migration?

Staff will still have an email address that they will access from Google. Additionally, any emails sent to should still come through.

5. What will be migrated?

Email from your Microsoft account will be migrated over to GMAIL as well as primary and secondary calendars and contacts.  For a much more detailed list of what does and does not get migrated, please click here.

6. I've forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Please contact the Helpdesk at  ext. 4105, option 3 or email                  Please include your employee id and the site where you work.  

7. Does this impact students?

No, this migration is only for staff. Students will retain their accounts and should not be impacted by this migration.

8. Can people still email me at

Yes, although the preferred email address given is the one ending in

9. Where will I check my email?

Google, which should be the same place staff have been checking their email.

10.  Will I have the same login?

Most users already have an login, so they will use that same password, but the username is going switch to on June 23rd. Please note, that staff will be logging in to and will no longer be logging in to Microsoft/Exchange/Outlook/OWA/

Other FAQs

What happens to my emails?

No changes. They will remain in your Google account

Where can I learn more about how to use all of this Google stuff?
Please see the resources on the right side of this page, or contact our help desk for training and support. (925) 682-8000 ext. 4105 or

How Can I get email on my phone?

Please see attached directions for iPhone and Android.

Will we still be using Outlook?

No. When a staff member’s email is migrated from Exchange to Gmail, staff will no longer use Outlook or Outlook on the Web (OWA) to access District email. Staff will access email via Gmail by logging into their account. It is recommended that users start to acquaint themselves with the differences between Gmail and Outlook

What happens if I have two email accounts?

One way to check multiple accounts is to use individual Chrome Profiles for each account. Some users like this if the accounts have very different purposes as it allows them to keep bookmarks and histories separate.  There can be a desktop shortcut to each if desired.

Does email stay forever in my trash?

Email in the trash will be deleted after 30 days.

What happens if I have forwarding turned on for or to on another currently?

Coming soon.

What will happen if staff have folders in Exchange with the same names as existing folders/labels in their account? Will they be merged, or kept separate?

User-created labels should merge. If users have Outlook folders that match Gmail's reserved label names, the Exchange/Outlook folder will migrate with "-migrated" appended.

What is “Snoozed” email?

Gmail users have the ability to postpone or “snooze” emails and temporarily place them in the “Snoozed” folder until they need them.