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April 23, 2021 Friday Letter Volume 3, NO 41
Posted 4/23/21



MDUSD's Friday Letter—updates and stories prepared weekly for the school district community.

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Fall 2021 Return to School Survey

This morning at 9:00 AM, MDUSD emailed families to communicate the district expectations for all students to return to in person learning in August 2021.   There is, however, an option for families to choose to homeschool, send their high school student to independent study, or to request a "transfer" out of their current school site to a newly developed, virtual online MDUSD school.

Each family is receiving a specific/individualized link ONLY for their family, which we request is not shared with any other family since it is tied to their email address. 

If you did not receive a survey a generic survey link for any family to use will be released sometime next week.  Survey emails will be from the domain or

Should you need assistance with the survey, please contact Dr. John Rubio,


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 MDUSD’s Open Conversations About Mental Health Series continued with a fifth Webinar about teen’s anxiety and depression.

  Click here to watch the video as well as view the full schedule and watch previous video

   Weekly Organizational Update

 Superintendent Dr. Adam Clark is continuing to publish detailed operations reports on a weekly basis. You can read department updates directly from our district leaders in our weekly Organizational Update to the Board, which is also archived for reference. Click on the document to review this week's Organizational Update:

Operations report


Ask the CBO – Staff Calculations

MDUSD Chief Business Officer, Dr. Lisa Gonzales, continues to answer questions from the school district community in a short video series called Ask the CBO. This week's topic is How Staffing is Calculated and How Does MDUSD Compare? Closed captioning is available in English and Spanish. Please know, we want your questions about district finances. Send them to, and yours could be featured in the next Ask the CBO.

     You can also view last week's Ask the CBO by visiting the MDUSD YouTube channel. Don't miss an episode—subscribe to the channel today.



04-14-21  CDPH Presentation on 2021-22 School Year

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) published the below presentation for the 2021-22 School Year.  Click on the document to review this presentation:



Mt. Diabloacad award Education Association (MDEA) invites all to join them in their virtual 2021 MDEA Academy Awards Celebration

           Thursday, May 6, 2021

            6 – 8:00 PM

          Click here to watch the awards ceremony

         Meeting number: 145 364 5434

         Password: MDEA20210506

 This celebration will be a showcase of all of the fabulous work that dedicated community members are doing all over our district. It will be an engaging opportunity for each of us to look up for a moment from the tasks we focus on each day and see the broader scope and bigger picture of successes across the entire district.  Please see the list of nominees and finalists:

2021 MDEA Academy Award Nominees

We hope many of you will be on hand to join us in celebrating these individuals and the broader groups they represent. Please feel free to share this link with friends and colleagues and invite them to join us as well.


smart Firearm Safety Reminder

   As a reminder, MDUSD is repeating the below which was originally posted in the April 17, 2020 MDUSD Friday Letter.  I am deeply motivated as a leader in public education to remind everyone to practice firearm safety. Gun owners bear a responsibility for keeping firearms out of the hands of children as required by California law. Incidents can be easily prevented by storing firearms in a safe and secure manner, including keeping them locked up when not in use and storing them separately from ammunition.

     To help everyone understand their legal responsibilities, the following is a summary of California law regarding the storage of firearms. Please take some time to review this and evaluate your own personal practices to assure that you and your family are in compliance with California law.

  • California makes a person criminally liable for keeping a loaded firearm, under their custody and control, where that person knows or reasonably should know that a child is likely to gain access to the firearm without the permission of the child’s parent or legal guardian and the child obtains access to the firearm and thereby: (1) causes death or great bodily injury to the child or any other person; (2) carries the firearm to a public place, including to any preschool or school grades kindergarten through twelfth grade, including to any school-sponsored event, activity, or performance; or (3) brandishes a firearm to others. The criminal penalty may be greater if someone dies or suffers great bodily injury as a result of the child gaining access to the firearm.
  • As of 2014, California makes a person criminally liable if they negligently store or leave any loaded firearm on their premises where a child is likely to gain access to it—regardless of whether or not the child brings the gun to a public place.
  • A parent or guardian may also be civilly liable for damages resulting from the discharge of a firearm by that person’s child or ward. These damages may be up to $30,000 per victim.

     Gun owners may avoid criminal liability under California Penal Code Section 25100 by keeping their firearm in a locked container or secured with a locking device that renders the firearm inoperable.

     Thank you for helping to keep our children and schools safe. Remember that the easiest and safest way to comply with the law is to keep firearms in a locked container or secured with a locking device that renders the firearm inoperable.



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