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Comprehensive School Safety Plans

In accordance with Education Code 32280-32288 and California Education Code Board Policy and Administrative Regulations 0450(a)(b), Comprehensive School Safety Plans are updated annually by March 1st.

All Comprehensive School Site Safety Plans have been approved by School Site Councils.  The plans were reviewed by the assistant superintendents of elementary, middle, and high school education.   Pending Board approval in April, draft site plans posted here are redacted versions. Information that could affect campus security has been redacted for student and staff safety.  Copies of all Comprehensive School Site Safety Plans are kept on file at each site and at the district office.

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

Alternative Schools and Programs





















  • Crossroads SCHS (see Olympic CHS)
  • Gateway SCHS (see Riverview MS)
  • Horizons: CIS & Home Study (see Pleasant Hill MS)
  • Prospect SCHS (see Pleasant Hill MS)
  • Summit SCHS (see Concord HS)