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Draft Trustee Area Maps

In accordance with the California Voting Rights Act, the District is transitioning to a by-trustee area election system, in which the District’s area of service is divided into trustee areas or districts. Voters in each of these trustee areas then elect their Board of Education representative, who must also reside in the respective trustee area.

Using input provided at two public hearings in June, the demographer has produced a set of three conceptual maps. 

The maps are based on the overall population and on the Citizens of Voting Age Population (CVAP).

It is important to note that trustee area elections have no impact on school attendance boundaries and that the maps are not and cannot be based on school attendance areas.

During a series of public forums held August 21 - 29, the community will have the opportunity to review these draft maps and provide input.  A third public hearing is scheduled for September 21 to allow for yet further input. These meeting may include potential board action to narrow the number of published maps for final consideration, and/or to direct the creation of one or more revised maps.