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Tom Sullivan

Print Shop Supervisor

(925) 682-8000 ext 4021


Welcome to the Print Shop

We offer a wide range of services in the print shop such as:

  • High speed black and white digital copiers for all your copy needs

  • High speed color copier (20 cents per copy per side)

  • Offset printing, (Letterhead and NCR and envelopes (only) at this time)

  • Business Cards B/W and color, Note Pads.

  • Stuffing of envelopes.

  • Report cards

  • Parent letters

  • Newsletters

We also do various types of finishing work:

  • Glue binding

  • Black plastic comb binding

  • Single staple, dual staple and three hole punching

  • Various folding methods, half, letter and fan fold

  • Stuffing of envelopes

We will do just about anything that will fit in an envelope (#10 envelopes only) If you are sitting at your desk still doing these types of jobs STOP!! Send it to us.

We charge a fee of $5 dollars for every ½ hour with $5 minimum, (There is a maximum of 5 sheets that can fit in a #10 envelope

If you send us a Excel spreadsheet with the list of names and addresses we can print those on a sheet that will show thru window envelope. No more printing out labels and having to put them on the outside of envelopes you are stuffing. Great Right?!!!

All jobs are on a 7 to 10 working day turnaround. If you have a job that needs a tighter deadline then you need to call the print shop extension (4021) and let us know.  We in turn will advise if your request can be met and work with you for additional options 

Coming soon Online Order Form!!!!

For right now you need to fill out a Print Shop Requisition or you can e-mail me at the print shop with your job request. If you are e-mailing, please remember to give me all the job information (Which pages are B/B or single, color of paper, if there is a cover on the front or back, and any kind of finishing work).


PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE THE CORRECT BUDGET CODE. IT IS A MUST. When submitting a job, we will no longer be able to process jobs without it so please remember to include it.

The more info you give me the better!! WE DO NOT READ MINDS. If we do not have complete information we will be unable to process the job. We will be required to send the job back to you and that will extend your time line for completing the job. Please, if you have any questions, call me at the Print Shop 4021.

Give us a try before sending your job elsewhere to be printed.  If we cannot accommodate your needs, we may be able to refer you to somebody that can do it.

Remember to keep your eye’s open for the online order form coming soon!!


Tom and the print shop staff




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