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Print Shop

The Print Shop
Material Printed
  • Assessment materials
  • Booklets  
  • Brochures    
  • Business Cards      
  • Envelopes     
  • Flyers  
  • Instructional materials     
  • Letterhead                         
  • NCR Forms              
  • Notepads 
  • Posters          
  • Programs       
  • Postcards
  • Thank You Cards                                

Welcome to the Print Shop

Print Services List

Copying: Large printing jobs have a 5 to 7 day turn around time. Staff are able to submit work well in advance, which we do greatly appreciate. As of 2018, we offer a Quick Copy option for small classroom sets that are single sided or front to back either uncollated or with a simple staple option only!!! These jobs will be turned around in 48 Hrs. or less

Printing: Offset presses are used to meet large printing jobs, Carbonless, Letterhead and Envelopes.

Folding: We offer various types of folds.

Stuffing and folding services are offered.  Please send your letters via job ticket or email and if you also send us a excel file with names and addresses we can print them on your letter and fold and stuff so it shows thru window (no more making labels)

Drilling: We have the capability to drill from a single hole to three holes anywhere on your document.

Transparencies: We can copy 8 1/2 x 11 transparencies.

Cutting: We can cut from 2" x 3" to 25" x 25".

Bindery: We can bind documents with a variety of options: comb binding, tape binding and various types of staple options.


Click Register Now, fill out all requested information and submit. Once submitted, the system will send you an email. If you are at a school site, your administrator will receive your request and once approved, you will be able to submit jobs.  


Tom Sullivan
Print Shop Supervisor
(925) 682-8000 ext 4021


Monday Thru Friday

7:00 A.M. To 5:30 P.M