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Rolling Grants

“Linking Resources to Support Student Success”


Mt. Diablo Unified School District


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Rolling Grants WITHOUT DUE dates

OCTOBER                                                                                                           2018

Tom’s of Maine Green Your School Fund 

Purpose:  The fund asks teachers to submit a creative environmental classroom project that aims to educate students about green initiatives.  Teachers submit their classroom projects and supply requests through  When teachers’ make a submission, Tom’s of Maine will automatically match every citizen donation made to qualifying projects.

Funder:  Tom’s of Maine.

Applicant: K-12 teachers.

Amount: Tom’s of Maine will match up to $1 million total in grants.

Deadline: Rolling.



The Dean Witter Foundation Grants 

Purpose: To support specific wildlife conservation projects in Northern California and seminal opportunities to improve and extend environmental education and to stimulate learning.  The Foundation also makes grants to launch and expand innovative K-12 public education initiatives. 

Funder: The Dean Witter Foundation.

Applicant: Tax-exempt charitable institutions.

Amount: Varies upon request.  In 2013, the foundation awarded over $300,000 in K-12 education grants.

Deadline: Rolling.


Toyota USA Foundation

Purpose:  To enhance the quality of K-12 education by supporting innovative programs and building partnership with organizations dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, science, and environmental science.  A high priority is placed on the following:

creative and innovative programs which develop the potential of students and/or teachers; programs which are broad in scope and incorporate systemic approach; and cost-effective programs that possess a high potential for success with relatively low duplication of effort. 

Funder: Toyota USA Foundation.      

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations certified as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) located within the United States. 

Amount: Between $50,000 to $200,000.

Deadline: Ongoing.  Applications are reviewed continually and the review process can take up to six months.


RGK Foundation   

Purpose:  To provide funding for:  Education, Community and Health/Medicine.  The primary interest within Education includes programs that focus on formal K-12 education (particularly mathematics, science and reading), teacher development, literacy and higher education. 

Funder: RGK Foundation      

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations certified as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) or 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and are classified as “not a private foundation” under Section 509(a).  Hospitals, educational institutions, and governmental institutions meeting these requirements are eligible to apply.

Amount: The average grant is $25,000.

Deadline: The Foundation no longer accepts unsolicited grant proposals.  All applicants must complete an electronic Letter of Inquiry from the web as the first step.  The staff reviews electronic Letters of Inquiry on an ongoing basis and typically responds within two days and up to two weeks.  The Foundation will send an email message either declining your request or inviting you to submit a formal application.


Discover’s Pathway to Financial Success Program 

Purpose:  To provide funding to help schools incorporate financial education into the curriculum.  To apply, schools must:  Have implemented or be looking to implement a financial education curriculum; Have a measurement tool in place or that will be in place to assess participation in and comprehension of the financial education curriculum; Agree to share overall results of the measurement tool’s pre- and post-curriculum testing with Discover upon the program’s completion to assess what worked.  Special consideration is given to first-time applicants and schools that have a stand-alone curriculum.

Funder: Discover Corporation.

Applicant: Public high schools.

Amount: Grant amounts will be assessed on a program-by-program basis.

Deadline: Rolling.


EPS’ School Specialty Response to Intervention (RTI) Grant Program 

Purpose:  To assist school districts in the development and improvement of their Response to Intervention programs. 

Funder: EPS’ School Specialty’s Literacy and Intervention Division

Applicant: School districts.

Amount: Selected applicants will receive:  a face-to-face review and discussion of their intervention program; an in-depth analysis of their approach, plus recommendations for improvement; support of up to 35% of the program cost to support the purchase of EPS RTI solutions; and access to an array of proven intervention programs and products, as well as professional development services, ongoing coaching, and support for district administrators and teachers.

Deadline: Rolling.


The Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation Grants 

Purpose:  To support programs to improve the quality of life in the communities served by the cruise industry, including programs that enhance educational opportunities for youth.  Programs can be designed to improve literacy; teach basic life skills; and promote good citizenship and public service.  The foundation also supports academic enrichment opportunities aimed at enhancing student proficiencies in reading, math and science.

Funder: The Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation

Applicant: Nonprofits, state and local government unites, including public schools and child welfare agencies.

Amount: Grants range from $2,500 to $15,000 with a maximum commitment of three years. 

Deadline: None.  Letters of inquiry accepted year-round.  Proposals reviewed quarterly; full review process may take up to six months.


Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation   

Purpose:  To improve the communities Lowe’s serves through support of public education and community improvement projects.

Funder: Lowe’s Corporation

Applicant: 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations and public agencies in communities where Lowe’s operates stores and distribution centers. 

Amount: Grants generally range from $5,000 to $25,000.  Lowe’s recommends that you contact your local Lowe’s store for your first point of inquiry when seeking a modest gift card, door prize or donation of materials for a community project or event.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Technology Grants


GTECH After School Advantage 

Purpose: To bridge the digital divide for underprivileged children by providing grants of computer labs to eligible programs by schools and nonprofits.  These computer centers are designed to provide inner-city children ages 5 to 15 with a meaningful and fun, learning experience during critical after-school hours in a safe environment.

Funder:  GTECH Corporation 

Applicant: Public schools and nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status.

Amount: Computer labs worth up to $15,000

Deadline:  Ongoing.


School Climate and Safety Grants


EpiPen4Schools Program     

Purpose: To help improve access to epinephrine in the event a person experiences a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) in the school setting. 

Funder: Myland and Bioridge Pharma

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: Each award consists of up to four free EpiPen or EpiPen Jr Auto-Injectors in the form of two EpiPen 2-Pak cartons, two EpiPen Jr 2-Pak cartons, or one 2-Pak of each kind; free replenishment product in the event that the free supply is used to respond to a life-threatening allergic reaction; a convenient storage unit, the EpiLocker, to store EpiPen 2-Pak and EpiPen Jr. 2-Pak cartons received through the program; How to Use an EpiPen Auto-Injector, containing instructions on how to use Mylan epinephrine auto-injectors; and EpiPen Trainers, which contain no drug product or needle, to practice administering an EpiPen Auto-Injector.

Deadline: Rolling.


Video Insight School Security Grant Program 

Purpose: To help campuses prevent and combat violence. 

Funder: Video Insight.

Applicant: K-12 schools and institutions of higher education.

Amount: Each grants recipient receives:  Forty-eight Video Insight Video Management Software licenses; sixteen IP video surveillance cameras; one video encoder; ten years of the Video Insight Software Upgrade Program; and one year of Customer Assurance Program.  The program will donate more than $250,000 in video surveillance software and hardware.

Deadline: Monthly.



Arts and Enrichment Grants



Youth and Community Development Grants



Nutrition and Physical Fitness Grants


KOMPAN PLAY Possible Grants Program

Purpose: To provide help in getting a new playground for your school.  The program provides up to 15% of the cost of a KOMPAN playground equipment purchase. 

Funder: Kompan, Inc.

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: In-kind grants up to $50,000.

Deadline: Rolling for letters of interest.


No Kid Hungry Grants Program 

Purpose: To support innovative programs that help improve children’s access to programs that help address hunger.

Funder: Share our Strength

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations, schools, and other eligible organizations who are involved in the following activities:  increasing access to summer meals programs; education and enrolling more eligible families in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the Women, Infants, and Children program; increasing access to afterschool snack and meal programs; and advocacy around any of the previously mentioned anti-hunger issues.

Amount: Grants range from $5,000 to $10,000.

Deadline: Rolling for letters of inquiry.





Fresh Films Tech Grants 

Purpose: To provide support for educators who have a demonstrated need for technology.  To apply, educators are asked to explain (in 300 words or less) why they need the funds for their classroom and the type of technology they want to implement.  Funding may be used for the purchase of technology supplies, software or hardware.

Funder:  Dreaming Tree Foundation dba as Fresh Films.

Applicant: K-12 educators.

Amount: $300 grants.

Deadline:  Rolling.


American Institute for Foreign Study Foundation 

Purpose:   To assist high schools across the United States to develop programs that increase international understanding.  Funding is given to schools that illustrate a commitment to international exchange by hosting international students and developing projects, programs, and events that teach students about global awareness.

Funder:  The American Institute of Foreign Study Foundation.

Applicant: High schools.

Amount: $1,000 grants.

Deadline: Rolling.


Sears Holdings 

Purpose:  To be part of the community and contribute in ways that enrich the lives of people residing in those areas.  The four focus areas are:  Health, Military, Education and Homes.  Regarding education, Sears Holdings supports educational and youth programs to inspire, mentor and help our associates and customers develop and grow in their lives and communities.  They also support college readiness, character education, and mentoring programs to provide a base for career exploration. 

Funder:  Sears Holdings.

Applicant:  Nonprofit organizations.

Amount:  Varies by request.

Deadline: Rolling.  If you have a charitable request, please submit it 30 days prior to your event and allow at least two weeks for a response. 



Teaching Tolerance Educator Grants 

Purpose: To support educators who embrace and embed anti-bias principles throughout their schools.  There are two types of grants:  Classroom-Level which offers teachers the resources necessary to create safe and welcoming classrooms that reflect the outcomes described in the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards.  School and District-Level which are projects that are supported by a school or district leadership team.  They will focus on improving school climate, responding to and preventing incidents of hate, or embedding the concepts found in the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards into the school or district-wide curriculum.

Funder: Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Applicant: Educators who work in the United States based public or private K-12 spaces, as well as in alternative schools, therapeutic schools and juvenile justice facilities. 

Amount: Grant awards range from $500 to $10,000.

Deadline:  Rolling.


Northrop Grumman Foundation 

Purpose:  To fund education-related programs that promote the advancement of STEM on a national level. 

Funder:  Northrop Grumman Foundation.

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.  Before applying, potential applicants are asked to email the foundation and request a time to meet to discuss the program. 

Amount: Grants up to $10,000.

Deadline: Rolling.



Navigating AdVenture Capital Funding Program  

Purpose:  To fund student-led projects that show promise of leading to lasting change within the school or community.  Applicants must adhere to the following: 

  • Designate a “school contact” who will be the primary adult contact at the school for AdCap communications and updates, and include his/her contact information in the project designer “Building Support” tile.
  • After the student has submitted their project online, an email will be sent from AdCap to the school contact asking them to verify that the student has support to implement the project.
  • If the school isn’t already, sign up as a Fuel Up to Play 60 School.

Funder:  AdVenture Capital and GENYOUth.

Applicant:  Applicant students must be between 13-17 years old.

Amount:  Varies by project, but previous recipients received funding ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

Deadline: Rolling.



Teaching Gardens Initiative 

Purpose: To help schools with the resources to implement teaching gardens.

Funder: The American Heart Association.  (AHA)

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: AHA provides materials for garden beds, organic soil, seedlings and plants, cooking demonstrations, and other fun activities.  School also receive an AHA Teaching Garden Tool Kit with useful information, including a school garden manual, lesson plans, school activation ideas, and parent and community resources.

Deadline: Ongoing.


WaystoHelp Grants 

Purpose:  To help people make an impact in the world and to inspire others to work with them.  Initiatives must be youth-initiated and youth-led.


Applicant:  Individuals.  Applicants must be no older than 19 years old on the day that they apply.

Amount:  Grants up to $500.

Deadline: Ongoing.


DiscoverE Collaboration Grants 

Purpose:  To facilitate collaboration within the engineering community and to engage youth (particularly underserved K-12 students) with hands-on learning experiences and events that inspire an interest and understanding of engineering. 

Funder:  DiscoverE. (formerly the National Engineers Week Foundation)

Applicant: Limited to local organizations in the United States.  A project/program requires collaboration among at least three different organizations for funding consideration.  One must be a DiscoverE Steering Committee member and one other from a DiscoverE Diversity Council member.  Projects/programs are not limited to those in the DiscoverE portfolio, but those connected to DiscoverE will be given additional weight. 

Amount: Five $1,000 grants are available.

Deadline: Rolling.



Justin J. Watt Foundation Grants 

Purpose: To provide afterschool opportunities for middle school-aged children in the community to become involved in athletics, so that they may learn the character traits of accountability, teamwork, leadership, work ethic, and perseverance, while in a safe and supervised environmental with their peers.

Funder: The Justin J. Watt Foundation.

Applicant: Middle schools that have:  a planned or established afterschool sports program in the United States, meeting between 3:00pm – 5:30pm, for kids in sixth through eighth grades; over 60% of students eligible for the free or reduced-price lunch program; outdated, worn-out uniforms and vital equipment that need to be replaced and will be reused year after year; a secure place to store uniforms and equipment; and staff, transportation, and space for the afterschool program.

Amount: Varies by school budget.

Deadline: Rolling.  All applications are reviewed quarterly (March, June, September and December).


The Charlie Lovett Fund for Elementary Drama 

Purpose: To support production based theatre arts programs at the elementary school level. 

Funder:  Charlie Lovett and The Lovett Foundation

Applicant: Elementary schools. (Grades 1-5)

Amount: Grants up to $300.

Deadline:  Grants are made on a rolling basis beginning in August of each school year.


Mental and Emotional Wellness Challenge 

Purpose: The challenge asks teachers and students to create projects on that reflect their most creative ideas for building school communities that foster emotional well-being and equip students with skills and resources to support their mental health. 

Funder: The Born This Way Foundation and

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: The challenge will provide matching donations to eligible project requests up to $500.  Donations to teacher-created projects will be doubled by the foundation, and donations to projects created by students in grades 7-12 will be tripled, while funding lasts.  At the end of the campaign, the foundation will select the five projects that best demonstrate the importance of mental health, decrease stigma around the issue, and teach students practical skills to support their mental and emotional wellness.  Each winning teacher will receive a $5,000 gift card to fund a future project.

Deadline: Until funding is depleted.



Founders Grants Program

Purpose:  To help schools supporting grades K-12 for STEM programs that go beyond the textbook (not funded through government or tuition dollars), scholarship for students attending science related camps, or grant programs to provide training for science teachers.

Funder:  VWR Foundation.

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations.

Amount: Grants up to $10,000.

Deadline: Ongoing.


The Voya Foundation

Purpose:  To support programs with well-defined metrics and measurable outcomes that all work toward the same goal – to help create financially resilient youths.  The foundation seeks to:

  • Provide innovative and experiential K-8 STEM learning opportunities to promote an early interest in STEM career fields and improve teachers’ capabilities in STEM.
  • Provide financial education curriculum to grades 9-12 students focused on navigating major financial milestones, including student debt, credit, home ownership, financial products and financial capability, and family needs.

Funder:  The Voya Foundation.

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations.

Amount: Grant requests must be a minimum of $2,500.

Deadline: Ongoing.



Pitch In For Baseball

Purpose: To give kids the joy of baseball and softball.  Proposed projects must serve economically disadvantaged kids (18 and under).  Should your group be awarded an equipment grant, you must be able to cover the cost of shipping and related customs, taxes, or fees (international projects).

Funder: Pitch In For Baseball.

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations and school-based programs.

Amount: In-kind donations of gloves, bats, balls, bases, catcher’s gear, and uniforms.

Deadline: Ongoing.



Access from AT&T Program 

Purpose: To help close the “homework gap” and ensure all children have the resources they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond by providing affordable internet access at home for low costs. 

Funder:  The National PTA and AT&T.

Applicant: This program is available to households located in the 21 states where AT&T offers wireline service with at least one resident who participates in the U.S. Dept of Agriculture Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  In California only, Supplemental Security Income(SSI) recipients also may qualify.

Amount: Low cost internet service.

Deadline:  Rolling.



Classroom Technology Grants    

Purpose: To promote student achievement and technology integration.  The funding allows schools to furnish a classroom or entire building with needed technology tools with the goal of enhancing students’ skills, effective teaching, and instructional methods.  Grants may be used to purchase technology such as web-connected devices, electronic whiteboards, tablets, and science, technology, engineering and mathematics lab equipment.

Funder:  Educators of America, Inc.

Applicant: K-12 public, private and charter schools.

Amount: Awards vary by request.

Deadline:  Applications are accepted year round.  The applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis and responses are given accordingly. (January, April, July, October)



Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation Sports Matter Program 

Purpose: To support youth athletic programs in communities across the country.  Sports Matter because participation in sports makes people better. Sports increase confidence and motivate kids to stay in the classroom and aim for higher education. They help build character and teach life lessons that extend well beyond the playing field.

Funder: Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation.

Applicant: Public schools and public charter schools.

Amount: Varies by project.

Deadline: Rolling.



The Lisa Libraries 

Purpose: The Lisa Libraries donates new children’s book and small libraries to organizations that work with kids in poor and underserved areas. 

Funder: The Lisa Libraries

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations in low-income or underserved areas that need a small library, need to rebuild or add to a library, or serve children who would benefit by being given new books to take home.

Amount: In-kind book donations.

Deadline: Rolling.


Salad Bars to Schools Program 

Purpose: To donate salad bars to school so that every child across the nation has daily access to fresh fruits and vegetables.   Iowa. 

Funder: Let’s Move aka the Chef Ann Foundation.

Applicant:  Any district or independent school participating in the National School Lunch Program.

Amount: One full salad bar grant includes a portable 72-inch, five-well insulated salad bar; two tray slides; five pan chillers; divider bars; two 4-inch deep full pans with covers; four 4-inch deep half pans with covers; 12 4-inch deep quarter pans with covers; five buffet chilling pads; and 16 serving tongs.

Deadline: Rolling.


Herman’s Garden Seed Donation Program     

Purpose: To honor the support of Herman Warsh and his wife MaryAnne Mott.  They helped to establish The Seed Savers Exchange headquarters in Decorah, Iowa. 

Funder: The Seed Savers Exchange.

Applicant:  Community and educational groups who will freely share the harvest, community and educational groups who will save seed for others in need, nonprofits, schools, community gardens, and educational programs.

Amount: In-kind see donation.

Deadline: Rolling.


Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Grants Program  

Purpose: To make AEDs more available to football coaches, athletes, trainers and fans.

Funder: USA Football in partnership with Physio-Control.

Applicant: Youth football organizations who hold a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, and school-sponsored football programs at the elementary, middle, junior high, and senior high school levels.  Grants are awarded based on need and merit as well as a program’s commitment to coaching education and best practices.

Amount: In-kind donations of automated external defibrillators.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Project Produce 

Purpose: To help schools increase kids’ access to fresh fruits and vegetables and provide nutrition education through fun lunchroom learning activities.  The grant program is designed to help create experiential nutrition education when and where student make their food choices:  in the cafeteria.  The goal is to expand students’ palates and to increase their consumption of fresh produce.

Funder: The Chef Ann Foundation and the superfoods company, Healthy Skoop.

Applicant: Any district or independent school participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is eligible to apply.  The application must be submitted by the district’s food service director. 

Amount: $2,500 one-year grant to support food costs to incorporate fruit and vegetable tastings into the school’s nutrition program.

Deadline: Rolling.


Kars 4 Kids Grants   

Purpose: To support educational initiatives around the world, helping us impact more children.  Kars4kids is constantly on the lookout for likeminded charities which share our values and are working hard to make a difference in the areas of education and youth development.

Funder: Kars4kids.

Applicant: 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Amount: Grants typically range from $500 - $2,000.

Deadline: Rolling.


Herman’s Garden Seed Donation Program     

Purpose: To honor the support of Herman Warsh and his wife MaryAnne Mott.  They helped to establish The Seed Savers Exchange headquarters in Decorah, Iowa. 

Funder: The Seed Savers Exchange.

Applicant:  Community and educational groups who will freely share the harvest, community and educational groups who will save seed for others in need, nonprofits, schools, community gardens, and educational programs.

Amount: In-kind see donation.

Deadline: Rolling.


The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation   

Purpose: To reach those children whose dream and passions are limited due to financial circumstances and provide them with opportunities that allow them to see the value in their education and planning for their future.

Funder: The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation

Applicant: 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and schools.

Amount: Vary by request.  Previous grants have ranged from $2,500 to $125,000.

Deadline: Rolling.


Start a Snowball    

Purpose:  To encourage and inspire kids of all ages to engage in philanthropic and community service activities.  The belief is that even just one child with the right intentions and support can start a project that seems small in the beginning and eventually grows or “snowballs” into something that inspires an entire community with widespread benefits to the world around them.  In order to help kids kick off their philanthropy efforts, Start a Snowball offers funding to act as “seed money” for their project.

Funder: Start a Snowball, Inc.

Applicant:  Any youth (ages 5-18) led project that does good. 

Amount:  Grants up to $100.

Deadline: Ongoing.



The Julia Child Foundation Grants 

Purpose: To foster the participation in and the appreciation of gastronomy and the culinary arts.  Previous grantees have included career and technical education high schools. 

Funder: The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts.

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations and schools.

Amount: Varies upon request.  In 2013, the foundation awarded $249,500 charitable grants.

Deadline: Rolling.


Think It Up Education Initiative 

Purpose: To reframe the public discussion about education, create a culture of excitement about learning everywhere in America, and build a sense of optimism about the potential of education in classrooms across the country.  Think It Up invites students to work with their teachers to develop projects that draw on their passions and connect to the futures they want to pursue.  In collaboration with, the student-powered, teacher-led projects will be crowdfunded by citizen donors. 

Funder:  The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) with support from The Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation, Staples, Ashoka, Exxon Mobil and

Applicant: Students 13+ in age and in grades 7-12 at a public or charter school in the United States.

Amount: Once half of the student-powered project is crowdfunded then Think It Up and its generous supporters will fund the second half.  Students and teachers have a deadline of up to four months to reach full funding for their project. 

Deadline: Ongoing.


Townsend Press    

Purpose: To provide select books and materials to select schools.  

Funder:  Townsend Press.

Applicant: Schools enrolled in the National School Lunch Program.  How to apply varies by request.  See each giving area for specific application guidelines.  The requests must be made by mail.

Amount: In-kind donations of books, eBooks, posters, and vocabulary and reading materials. 

Deadline: Rolling.


The Alternative Fuel Foundation Grant Program 

Purpose: To aid in the development of programs that promote renewable energy, environmental sustainability, and earth stewardship. 

Funder: The Alternative Fuel Foundation.

Applicant: Nonprofit public and private K-12 schools and parent groups associated with a nonprofit public or private K-12 school.  Projects that encourage parent involvement and build stronger community spirit will be favored.  Only 10% of any award granted can be used toward outside resources such as labor, installation, consultation and delivery.

Amount: Grants range from $250 - $500.  Larger grants will be considered on a case by case basis.

Deadline: Ongoing.


The Karma for Cara Foundation Youth Microgrant Program    

Purpose:  To provide funds to youths to complete service projects in their communities, such as turning a vacant lot into a community garden, rebuilding a school playground, or helping senior citizens get their homes ready for winter.

Funder: The Karma for Cara Foundation.

Applicant:  Youth 18 years old and under.

Amount:  Grants range from $250 to $1,000.

Deadline: Rolling.


Good Sports Grants  

Purpose: To help lay the foundation for healthy, active lifestyles by providing athletic equipment, footwear, and apparel to disadvantaged youths nationwide.  The proposed programs must:  Directly serve youths between 3-18 years old; Serve youths in an economically disadvantaged area; and operate an organized sport, recreational activity or fitness program that offers consistent and structured opportunity for play to large groups of children.

Funder: Good Sports

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: In-kind sports equipment and apparel.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Elnstruction Professional Development Grant Program 

Purpose:  To provide funding to schools to host an EdTech Conference.  The purpose of an EdTech conference is to inform teachers of best practices to effectively integrate different types of technology and how to leverage existing technology to optimize what they already have. 

Funder: Turning Technologies.

Applicant: School districts.

Amount: Recipients receive a $3,500 grant and free loaner technology for every presentation.  Grantees also receive an elnstruction coordinator and a host guide toolkit.

Deadline: Rolling.



Unbake Sale Initiative 

Purpose: To provide schools all the tools to host a fundraising event featuring fun and delicious snacks made of fruits and vegetables.  The Unbake Sale will allow schools nationwide to continue to hold bake sales in accordance with the new Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards. 

Funder: Bolthouse Farms.

Applicant: Public schools.

Amount: The first 100 parents, teachers and school administrators who visit the new site and join the 100 School Pledge will receive a starter kit from Bolthouse Farms that includes a $100 retailer gift card, recipe booklet featuring UnBake Sale snack items, and UnBake Sale checklist to help them host an UnBake Sale in their school.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Fruit and Veggie Grants for Schools 

Purpose: To help schools increase kids’ access to fresh fruits and veggies and nutrition education.  The proposed project must be planned with the intention of offering the activity to all students in the school building.  Lunchtime-based projects are preferred because they offer access to all students (school lunch diners and students bringing meals from home). 

Funder: The Chef Ann Foundation.

Applicant: Any district or independent school participating in the National School Lunch Program.  Applications must be submitted by the district’s food service director.

Amount: $2,500 grants.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Green Education Program Grants 

Purpose:  To provide support to educational institutions to aid in the development of programs that promote renewable energy, environmental sustainability and earth stewardship.

Funder: The Alternate Fuel Foundation.

Applicant: K-12 schools and parent groups associated with a nonprofit public or private K-12 school.

Amount: Grants range from $250 - $500.  Larger grants will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Deadline: Rolling.


Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Charitable Giving Program  

Purpose:  To provide support for heart health, kids’ health, arts and education, and team member wellness.

Funder: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Applicant: 501(c)(3) organizations, schools, libraries and public agencies.

Amount: Varies by request. 

Deadline: Rolling.


Chipotle Fundraising/Donations 

Purpose:  To support organizations in a variety of ways, including in-restaurant fundraisers for schools, donations in-kind, and through its Script fundraising program.  Requests must be received at least 12 weeks prior to the donation date in order to be considered.

Funder: Chipotle.       

Applicant: K-12 schools, youth community groups, university groups, community gardens, and food and sustainable agriculture groups.

Amount: Varies by request.  Participants that fundraise with Chipotle receive 50 percent of the event’s net sales.

Deadline: Rolling.


The National Association of School Psychologists Service Grants Program  

Purpose:  To provide support for projects that directly benefit children.  Recent grantees received awards for the following initiatives:  a district-wide community reading day, a project focusing on the prevention of bullying, and a project that provides gifted and talented lending library and resource bank for families of gifted children in an economically underprivileged neighborhood.

Funder: The National Association of School Psychologists.

Applicant:  School psychologists who are members of both NASP and The Children’s Fund.

Amount:  Grants up to $3,000.

Deadline: Rolling.


Advancing Student Achievement Math Grants 

Purpose:  To support math enhancement programs that bridge the gap between classrooms and real world mathematics.  The funding of reasonable software licensing fees will be considered (less than 10% of the grant request).  Teachers stipends should be a reasonable portion of the total budget request.  Technology that is owned and retained by the school and is used directly by the students is eligible.

Funder: The Actuarial Foundation.    

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: Grants up to $5,000 annually.

Deadline: Rolling.


VolunTEEN Nation International Service Project Grant Program      

Purpose:  To provide students from the United States going abroad to volunteer or study in a developing country with the opportunity to apply their knowledge, gain international work experience, and develop skills in various sectors.

Funder: VolunTEEN Nation.

Applicant:  Individuals ages 13-22.

Amount:  $300 grants.

Deadline: Rolling.


Verizon Foundation Grants 

Purpose:  To provide support in the areas of education, health care, and energy management.  The grant funding in intended to support projects that promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), including, for example, summer or after school programs, teacher training, and research on improving learning in STEM areas through the use of technology.  However, schools cannot use the funding to purchase technology. 

Funder: Verizon Foundation. 

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations and elementary and secondary schools (public and private) registered with the National Center for Education Statistics.  Applicants must be invited to apply for a grant.  To obtain an invitation, potential applicants should contact their local community relations manager.  Felicia Hudson is the Community Relations Manager for our area.  Her email address is

Amount: Grants range from $5,000 to $10,000.

Deadline: Rolling.


The Awesome Foundation Grants 

Purpose: To conserve, sustain, and support the worldwide ecosystem of awesomeness.  Projects have included efforts in a wide range of areas including technology, arts, social good, and beyond.  Awesome projects tend to challenge and expand our understanding of our individual and communal potentials.  They bring communities together, casting aside social inhibitions and boundaries for a moment.  They spark an instant of joy and delight and inspire a long-term hope for a more awesome future!

Funder: The Awesome Foundation, San Francisco Chapter.

Applicant: Open to all people and organizations.  There are no prerequisites to apply beyond, of course, being awesome.

Amount: Up to $1,000.

Deadline: Ongoing, but due the last day of every month.


The Give Back Yoga Foundation 

Purpose: To provide funding to directly benefit underserved socioeconomic groups of individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the transformational potential and health-giving benefits of yoga in all its aspects, such as asana, stress reduction through breath-work, meditation, and general service to others.

Funder: The Give Back Yoga Foundation.

Applicant: Individuals and groups.  Applicant must have teaching experience.

Amount: Varies by request.

Deadline:  Ongoing.


The Fender Music Foundation 

Purpose:  To award instruments and equipment to eligible music instruction programs.

Funder: The Fender Music Foundation

Applicant: Music instruction programs that are part of 501(c)(3) organizations or public schools.  Proposed programs must consist of:  In-school music classes, in which the students make music; Afterschool music programs that are not run by the school; Community music programs which offer music instruction to community members; Music therapy programs in which the participants make the music.

Amount:  In-kind grants consist of:  acoustic guitars, electric guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, bass guitars, and the equipment necessary to play these instruments.  These items are lightly used, blemished, or otherwise imperfect and have been collected from manufacturers and retailers.

Deadline: Rolling.


Jazz for Peace Empowerment Grants

Purpose:  To provide all of the funds, staffing, and expertise for an organization to put on a world-class cultural event.

Funder: Jazz for Peace

Applicant: 501(c)(3) organizations and other outstanding causes. 

Amount:  Recipients receive funds on a sliding scale upward from the very first ticket sold along with numerous additional fundraising techniques and knowledge such as sponsorships, publicity, and awareness.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Ward’s Science Grant-Math Program 

Purpose: To provide matching funds to help schools purchase science laboratory materials and equipment.

Funder: Ward’s Science.

Applicant: K-12 schools/districts.

Amount: Matching grants range from $1,000 and up.

Deadline: Rolling.


Good Sports Equipment Grants Program 

Purpose: To support healthy, active lifestyles by providing athletic equipment, footwear, and apparel to disadvantaged young people nationwide.  There is an administrative fee of 10 percent of the equipment’s retail value.  (e.g., an organization receiving a donation of $1,500 worth of equipment is subject to a $150 administrative fee.)

Funder: Good Sports

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations.

Amount: The company provides support for:  equipment, apparel, footwear and inventory items.  The inventory items are available to organizations selected for a donation.

Deadline:  Ongoing.


USA Today Education Grant Request 

Purpose: To provide complimentary access to the e-newspaper of USA TODAY for your classroom starting in January through the end of the school year.  Utilize USA TODAY’s complex texts to engage and prepare students to be successful with common core state standards.

Funder: USA TODAY Charitable Foundation

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: In-kind donation of e-newspaper.  Grants are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.  Deliver will begin on January 6, 2014.

Deadline: Rolling.


AutismCares Financial Support Awards

Purpose: To provide financial relief for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families to help cover cost associated with critical living expenses such as housing, utilities, car repair, funeral expenses, and other essential items on a case-by-case basis.

Funder: AutismCares with the support of Federal Express, Nissan and The Lisa Higgins


Applicant: Eligible families must have a child (children) medically diagnosed with ASD and have experienced at least one of the following qualifying events in the last 90 days:  natural disaster(flood, hurricane, tornado, severe storm, or earthquake); death or critical illness in the immediate family; loss of home through foreclosure, eviction or natural disaster; or termination of employment for the primary income-earner.

Amount:  Grants up to $1,000.

Deadline: The 22nd of each month.


Kids Need to Read Book Grants

Purpose:  To provide books, periodicals, and literacy resources to schools, libraries, and other organizations that administer literacy teachers at eligible schools with books and learning aids for their classrooms.

Funder: Magic Tree House Adventures          

Applicant: 1-5 grade educators from Title 1 schools, and after-school programs.

Amount: In-kind donations of Magic Tree House books and Fact Trackers.

Deadline: Rolling.


The Foundation for Autism Training and Education (FATE)

Purpose:  To help school districts develop and maintain quality special education programs in public schools.  The foundation solicits applications for Project Pipeline.  Teachers accepted into Project Pipeline are eligible to attend any of the workshops offered through FATE without cost to them or their school districts.

Funder: FATE.           

Applicant: Professionals in the field of special education that work directly with children with autism in public schools.

Amount: Free training workshops.

Deadline: Rolling.


Mary Pope Osborne’s Gift of Books Grant Program

Purpose:  To provide teachers at eligible schools with books and learning aids for their classrooms.

Funder: Magic Tree House Adventures          

Applicant: 1-5 grade educators from Title 1 schools, and after-school programs.

Amount: In-kind donations of Magic Tree House books and Fact Trackers.

Deadline: Rolling.


Chiquita Brands International, Inc. Programs

Purpose: To support programs that promote healthy living, particularly programs that educate children on nutrition and/or help them to lead healthier lives through nutrition and/or physical activity; and support environmental and social programs that advance responsible and sustainable business practices. 

Funder: Chiquita Brands International, Inc.

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations.

Amount: Average grant range is from $500 to $5,000.  The company also provides in-kind product donations.

Deadline:  Ongoing. 


The Charlie Lovett Fund for Elementary Drama 

Purpose: To support production based theatre arts programs at the elementary school level.  Funder:  The Lovett Foundation & Pioneer Drama.

Applicant: Elementary schools.

Amount: Average grant size is $300.

Deadline:  Rolling, beginning in August of each school year.


DigiGirlz High Tech Camp For Girls 

Purpose: To give young people a chance to experience, firsthand, what it is like to develop cutting-edge technology and to works to dispel stereotypes of the high-tech industry.  During the camp session, the girls listen to executive speakers, participate in technology tours and demonstrations, network and learn through hands-on experience in workshops.

Funder:  Microsoft Corporation 

Applicant: Student must be at least 13 years old to apply for a camp that accepts seventh graders.  Most of the camps are targeted to girls in high school.

Amount: Free admission to the High Tech camp.

Deadline:  Ongoing.


The World We Want Foundation Grants    

Purpose:  To promote and support young global citizens making positive social change in their communities and around the world.  The foundation awards funding to:  Help young people design and conduct meaningful social action projects; Help them acquire substantive knowledge and 21st century skills while creating social value; Provide micro-grants to support their projects; Provide an online funding platform to encourage and allow others to help fund their projects; and provide an online showcase to share their stories of social impact with the world and inspire other young people to believe they can make a difference.

Funder: The World We Want Foundation.

Applicant:  Nonprofit educational, charitable, community or faith-based organizations, including public and private schools, youth organizations and clubs, civil society organizations, and other foundations who are devoted to youth leadership and empowerment.

Amount:  Varies by request.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Enslow Publishers, Inc. Monthly Book Drawing     

Purpose:  To publish high-quality educational nonfiction books for children and young adults, who will access these materials in schools and public libraries. Our goals are that readers will be able to trust our products and that the books will satisfy their needs.     

Funder: Enslow Publishers, Inc.

Applicant: K-12 schools and libraries.

Amount: $100 worth of any Enslow titles. 

Deadline: Rolling.




Google Maps for Education

Purpose:  To improve the communities Lowe’s serves through support of public education and community improvement projects.

Funder: Lowe’s Corporation

Applicant: Public schools, 501(c)(3) educational institutions, and for-profit charter schools. 

Amount: In-kind donation of Google Earth Pro or Google Maps Engine.uiry when seeking a modest gift card, door prize or donation of materials for a community project or event.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Wondershare Software for Schools Donation Program

Purpose: To provide copies of its Video Editor movie making software, and including Wondershare PDF Editor for Windows (excluding the optional OCR Plugin) and PDF Editor for Mac to schools.

Funder:  Wondershare 

Applicant: Teachers and school administrators.

Amount: In-kind multimedia software donation.

Deadline:  Ongoing.



Office Depot My School Recycles Program

Purpose:  To offer school Office Depot gift cards in exchange for recyclables.   

Funder: Office Depot Corporation

Applicant: Open to any public, private or parochial K-12 school in the United States.

Amount: Office Depot gift cards in exchange for recyclables. 

Deadline: Ongoing.


Special Education Resource Grant

Purpose:  To help teachers serving special needs children.  Requests can be made for classroom supplies and resources, therapists’ pull-out sessions, educational field trips or professional development.

Funder: Philanthropic Ventures Foundation with funding by the Thomas J. Long Foundation.

Applicant: Any public school teacher or public school therapist serving special needs children (children with an Individual Education Plan, IEP) pre-K through 12, in the Alameda, Contra Costa and Solano County Public School system.

Amount: Grants up to $500.

Deadline: Ongoing until funds are exhausted.


Science Resource Grant 

Purpose:  To help teachers enhance their classroom science programs relating to conservation.  Requests may be for educational field trips, classroom science materials, classroom science presentations, or for professional development.

Funder: Philanthropic Ventures Foundation with funding by the Joseph and Vera Long Foundation.

Applicant: Any Children and Family Services Social Worker or Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) working with foster care youth in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo or Santa Clara counties.

Amount: Grants up to $250.  A maximum of two grants in a one-year period, one per client, is allowed.

Deadline: Ongoing until funds are exhausted.


Mom Trusted   

Purpose:  To give preschool teachers free supplies each month in exchange for their project ideas and creations.

Funder: Mom Trusted.

Applicant: Preschool teachers and early educators.

Amount: Free supplies.  In addition, the teachers can win bigger prizes for their classroom by having the most creative activity or project for the month.  Prizes range from books to classroom furnishing to an iPad or laptop.

Deadline: Rolling.


Fruit Tree 101 Program    

Purpose: To bring fruit tree orchards to schoolyards so students can improve the quality of the air and water while creating a source of healthy snacks for decades to come.

Funder: The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

Applicant: Nonprofit institutions, public schools, or government entities that 1) own the planting site, 2) are committed to caring for the trees in perpetuity, 3) have a source of irrigation nearby, 4) and can help coordinate local volunteers to join us on the day of planting.

Amount: The Orchard donations involve, on average, about 20-25 trees minimum to public schools.  The trees, materials, orchard installation design work, and onsite environmental curriculum with students are all donated, free of charge for the benefit of the school and its students. 

Deadline: Rolling.


The Awesome Foundation for the Arts & Sciences Grants 

Purpose: To fund projects that challenge and expand the understanding of individual and communal potentials.  Projects range across a wide spectrum, from public artwork to mobile applications to scientific experiments.

Funder:  The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences           

Applicant: All people and organizations.

Amount: $1,000 grants.

Deadline:  Monthly.


Organic Valley Family of Farms   

Purpose: To fund particular projects or programs dedicated to furthering organic education, organic farming or product research, and organic advocacy. 

Funder: Organic Valley Family of Farms

Applicant:  Individuals, universities, public/private schools, NGOs, farmers, and consumers who are interested in securing for their organic specific projects.

Amount: Up to $5,000.

Deadline:  Rolling.



The National Home Library Foundation Grants 

Purpose:  To fund books for libraries, schools, and literacy programs serving children, teens, or adults in need of reading and learning resources.

Funder: The National Home Library Foundation

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations. 

Amount: Grants range from $500 to $5,000.

Deadline: Grants are accepted on a rolling basis.


State Farm Insurance “Be More” BMOR Project      

Purpose:  To address the startling statistic that every 26 seconds in American a student drops out of high school, and to encourage high school students throughout the country to “Be More” (BMOR) than the statistic.  The State Farm 26 Seconds Campaign is asking the nation’s youth to take the BMOR project pledge to stay in school.

Funder: State Farm Insurance Company

Applicant:  Young people ages 13 – 19. 

Amount: Youth who make the BMOR Project pledge are entered to win monthly prizes and participate in monthly activities.  There is a grand prize opportunity at the end of the year.

Deadline: The project runs throughout the school year.


Fremont Bank Foundation      

Purpose:  To provide funding for:  programs that teach children and young adults life skills, such as money management, communication, parenting skills, nutrition, social skills, etc.; and initiatives that inspire children to become productive, healthy and responsible adults.

Funder: Fremont Bank Foundation.

Applicant:  Nonprofit organizations in areas of company operations in California.

Amount:  Varies by project.  In 2011, the foundation awarded more than $345,000 in charitable grants.

Deadline: Rolling for letters of inquiry.



The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) Golden Carrot Awards 

Purpose: To recognize school lunch programs that have developed and implemented healthy, nutritional and successful school lunch programs.  The award recognizes those programs that offer schoolchildren a variety of healthy food choices, including vegetarian choices and nondairy beverages.

Funder: The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Applicant: Schools and school food service program professionals in private, public, charter, or other schools.

Amount: One grand-prize winner with receive $3,000; with $1,000 to the food service professional and the remaining $2,000 going to the school’s food service program.

Deadline: Ongoing.



Musicstar Learning Free Music Program 

Purpose: To support music education in schools by offering programs for free.  Musicstar’s mission is to make quality music education available and affordable to people of all ages.

Funder:  Musicstar Learning.

Applicant: School districts.

Amount: Musicstar programs.

Deadline:  Programs are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Walt Disney Companies 

Purpose:  To support nonprofit organizations and schools by providing in-kind donations. Funder: The Walt Disney Company.

Applicant: 501(c)(3) organizations and K-12 public school and public school districts.

Amount: In-kind donations of park tickets to be used for fundraising purposes.

Deadline: Ongoing.


The School Nutrition Association (SNA) STEPS Challenge      

Purpose: To help the 55,000 SNA member school foodservice professionals improve their quality of life, while embracing the healthy habits they promote in school cafeterias.  The STEPS Challenge stands for:  set your goals; track your progress; embrace new habits; promote healthy eating and share your success. 

Funder: School Nutrition Association

Applicant:  SNA members.

Amount: Prizes include:  gift certificates to a sports store, a subscription to a health magazine and nutritious cookbooks.  One grand prize winner with receive a trip for two to Los Angeles, all expenses paid, to see a finale taping of NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Deadline:  Monthly.


Pets in the Classroom Grants 

Purpose:  To support pets or aquariums in the classroom for the purpose of teaching children to bond with and care for their pets responsibly.  The welfare of the small animals involved is of paramount importance.  These grants must not be used for the purposes of research or experiments of any kind.

Funder:  The Pet Care Trust.

Applicant: PreK-8 grade teachers.  Only one grant per teacher is permitted.  Teachers may re-apply for grant money each fall.

Amount: Grants include discounts, in-king donations and cash awards.

Deadline: Rolling.


Barnes & Noble Booksellers 

Purpose:  To support nonprofit organizations that focus on literacy, the arts, or education at the preK-12 level.

Funder: Barnes & Noble, Inc.

Applicant: PreK-12 schools and nonprofit arts and literacy organizations.

Amount: Varies by request.  The company does not provide grants, but prefers to support organizations through sponsorships and donations.  Applicants should submit their proposals to the community relations manager or store manager at their local Barnes & Noble store.

Deadline:  Rolling.


The American Press Institute’s Young Publishers Program 

Purpose:  To help at-risk high school newspapers participate in the Young Publishers program.  The program is designed to help high school students and advisors learn the skills required for success in newspaper publishing through the development of a business plan.

Funder: The American Press Institute (now merged with the Newspaper Association of America)

Applicant: High schools.  Applicants must:  agree to start and document a business-side development program; demonstrate that its student newspaper is either struggling to exist or has ceased to exist; have a high proportion of minority students, or be located in and draw its students from a rural area.

Amount: Funds up to $2,500. 

Deadline:  Rolling.


Toshiba American Foundation (TAF) Grants for Grades 6-12 

Purpose: To provide teachers with additional funds to support classroom projects.  After-school, summer projects, and independent study projects are not eligible.  The Foundation strongly encourages projects planned and led by individual teachers or teams of teachers for their own classrooms.  Many successful grantees have designed projects that tap into the natural curiosity of their students, enable students to frame their own scientific questions, and incorporate the expertise of community partners.  Grants must support classroom science and math education.  Endorsement from a school official is required.

Funder: The Toshiba America Foundation

Applicant: Science and math teacher in public or private schools. 

Amount: Less than $5,000.

Deadline: Rolling for grants less than $5,000 for grades 6-12.


My Macy’s District Grants 

Purpose:  To support arts and culture, education, the environment, HIV/AIDS, and women’s issues in local communities where Macy’s operates.

Funder: Macy’s Foundation.

Applicant: 501(c)(3) organizations.  Grants are accepted by invitation only and only via the online application process.

Amount: Varies by request and program.  In 2012, the company awarded more than $13 million in charitable grants.

Deadline:  Ongoing.  Applications are reviewed quarterly.


Life in Sync HealthBarnUSA Assembly Grants 

Purpose: To underwrite public school assembly programs that will help children make healthy nutrition and fitness choices.  The foundation solicits applications from schools to host HealthBarnUSA assemblies.

Funder: Life in Sync.

Applicant: Grade schools and middle schools.

Amount: Grants for HealthBarnUSA assemblies. 

Deadline: Ongoing.


Literacy for a Lifetime Grant Program 

Purpose:  To serve as a way to expand a library collection, build a leveled book room, or provide supplemental classroom materials. 

Funder: Usborne Books & More

Applicant: Local educational institutions.

Amount: The program matches any corporate or individual donation or grant that purchases books from Usborne Books with an additional 50 percent in free books.  Matching grants as low as $200 are available.  There is no maximum on the amount that can be donated or matched.

Deadline:  Rolling.


The Shell Oil Company Foundation 

Purpose:  To provide funding for civic and human needs in the community while promoting healthy lifestyles; major and cultural arts that promote access to underserved students and communities; and Disaster relief efforts.  In the areas of education, the foundation supports energy awareness with special publics, increasing interest in technical careers among students, and professional development in science and math among educators.

Funder: Shell Oil Company

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations.

Amount: In 2010, the foundation awarded more than $7.5 million in charitable grants.

Deadline:  Rolling.


The Charlie Lovett Fund for Elementary Drama    

Purpose: To support production based theatre arts programs at the elementary school level.

Funder:  Charlie Lovett and The Lovett Foundation

Applicant: Elementary schools.

Amount: Grants up to $300.

Deadline:  Rolling.


Extron Classroom System Grant Program 

Purpose: To provide increased visibility to K-12 educational technology projects by supplying selected pilot classrooms with advanced audio/video solutions.  The goal of the pilot classroom is to demonstrate the ease-of-use and benefits of Extron classroom AV technology to both teachers and administrators. 

Funder:  Extron Electronics Corporation

Applicant: Public schools.

Amount: Installation of an Extron Classroom AV system and complete training.

Deadline:  Ongoing.


JetBlue Charitable Donations 

Purpose:  To provide support for four causes:  health and wellness, education, environment and community.

Funder: Jetblue Corporation

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status.

Amount: Varies by project request and scope.

Deadline:  Rolling.  To allow time for review and fulfillment JetBlue requests that all proposals

be submitted at least three months prior to applicant’s event.


The Wish You Well Foundation Grants 

Purpose:  To support family literacy in the United States by fostering and promoting the development and expansion of new and existing literacy and educational programs.

Funder: The Wish You Well Foundation.

Applicant: Organizations with 501(c)(3) status.

Amount: Grants range from $200 to $10,000.

Deadline:  Rolling.


The Dean Witter Foundation Grants

Purpose:  To launch and expand innovative K-12 public education initiatives; to support wildlife conservation and restoration and projects in Northern California; and to support seminal opportunities to improve and extend environmental education.

Funder: The Dean Witter Foundation.

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status.

Amount: In 2011, the foundation awarded more than $640,000 in charitable grants.  The foundation prefers to award matching or challenge grants and to leverage its support with funding from other sources.

Deadline:  Rolling.  Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the foundation before submitting a proposal.


Brinker International Programs 

Purpose:  To provide support for programs and projects that are affiliated with children and family, arts, civic, and university related educational programs.

Funder: Brinker International.

Applicant: 501(c)(3) organizations in areas where they do business.  They own Chili’s, Maggiano’s and Macaroni Grill.

Amount: Varies by request.

Deadline:  All requests for cash or in-kind donations are reviewed on an ongoing basis.


The Ambrose Monell Foundation Grants 

Purpose:  To voluntarily aid and contribute to religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational uses and purposes, in New York, the United States, and throughout the world.

Funder: The Ambrose Monell Foundation.

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status.

Amount: In 2010, the foundation awarded more than $9 million in charitable grants.

Deadline:  Letters of Inquiry (LOI) may be submitted at any time during the year and they are reviewed on a continuous basis.  Proposals are submitted only upon invitation.  Unsolicited proposals will not be reviewed.


Cabot Creamery Healthy Living Grants 

Purpose: To engage communities in wellness programs by encouraging schools to reach out to their own local businesses, cooperative, parent clubs and others.  Proposed projects may include, but are not limited to, the following:  wellness fairs, salsa gardens, nutrition speakers or workshops for coaches, student or parents; promotion of healthy food choices in schools; and cooking clubs.

Funder: Cabot Creamery.

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: Matching grants up to $200.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops For Heart 

Purpose: To teach kids the importance and fun of being physically active can be fun and that by raising funds to support research and education they help save lives across the country and in their community.

Funder: American Heart Association and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Applicant: Elementary and middle schools.  Events are conducted in school by physical education instructors, coaches or teachers.

Amount: Recent awards amounts were $2,500.

Deadline: None.


Office Depot Foundation Grants 

Purpose:  To support non-profit organizations, schools and libraries that bring systemic change to the communities they serve. 

Funder: The Office Depot Foundation

Applicant: Nonprofits, schools and libraries that can provide proof of 501(c)(3) status.

Amount: Grants range from $50 to $3,000 with the majority of grants issued in the vicinity of $1,000.  The grants are supported by in-kind donations when inventory allows. 

Deadline: Rolling, but you can only submit one application per calendar year.  (Jan 1 – Dec 31)


Toshiba American Foundation (TAF) 

Purpose: To fund the projects, ideas and materials teachers need to innovate in their math and science classrooms.  TAF is interested in funding projects designed by teachers or small teams of teachers for use in their own schools and is dedicated to helping classroom teachers make mathematics and science learning fun and successful for students in U.S. schools.

Funder: The Toshiba America Foundation

Applicant: Public and nonprofit private schools throughout the United States.

Amount: Up to $1,000 for grades K-5; Various amounts for grades 6-12.

Deadline: Grades 6-12 grant requests of less than $5,000 can apply at any timeGrants requests of more than $5,000 for grades 6-12 must apply by August 1st and Feb 1st annually.


Kids Need to Read Program 

Purpose: To provide books, periodicals, and literacy resources to schools, libraries, and other organizations that administer literacy programs to children and adolescents.  The organization gives preference to programs assisting disadvantaged children, such as juvenile offenders, children, and adolescents living in impoverished communities, and youth faced with learning challenges.

Funder:  Kids Need to Read

Applicant: Schools, libraries, and 501(c)(3) organizations.

Amount: In-kind donations of books, periodicals, and literary resources.

Deadline:  Ongoing.


Computers for Learning (CFL) 

Purpose: To place computers in classrooms, prepare children to contribute and compete in the 21st century, and allow government agencies and the private sector to transfer surplus computer and related equipment to schools and educational non-profit organizations.  The goal is to make modern computer technology an integral part of every classroom so that every child has the opportunity to be educated to his or her full potential.

Funder:  Computers for Learning (CFL) sponsored by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

Applicant: Any preK-12 public, private, or parochial school or home school learning program located in the United States. 

Amount: Varies by request and need.

Deadline:  Ongoing.


TEACH Grant Program

Purpose: To provide grants to students who intend to teach in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves students from low-income families.  In exchange for receiving a TEACH grant, recipients must agree to serve as a fulltime teacher in a high-need filed in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves low-income students.

Funder:  The United States Department of Education.

Applicant: Individuals

Amount: Grants up to $4,000 per year.

Deadline:  Rolling.



Costco Wholesale Programs 

Purpose: To provide support for programs focusing on children, education, and health and human services.

Funder:  Costco Wholesale

Applicant: 501(c)(3) organizations where Costco warehouse and regional offices are located.

Amount: Generally, Costco does not grant funds of more than 10 percent of the total program budget.

Deadline:  Ongoing.



Purpose: Teachers spend an average of $1,200 of their own money every school year purchasing materials for their classrooms.  Adopt-A-Classroom empowers teachers with additional funds to mitigate their out-of-pocket expenses and to purchase hands-on learning resources so they can transform their classrooms into vibrant centers for learning.  Adopt-A-Classroom invites the community into the classroom in support of teachers and their students.  By adopting a classroom, donors form partnerships with specific classrooms providing financial and moral support.  The result is a meaningful contribution to education in which donors experience the impact of their efforts and celebrate in a classroom’s success.

Funder: Adopt-A-Classroom receives financial support for its operations from foundations,

businesses and individuals.

Applicant: Principals, teachers and others connected with schools.

Amount: Varies.

Deadline: Ongoing


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Donations 

Purpose: To support nonprofit organizations with coffee to brew, giveaway packages for events, and items for raffles or auctions.

Funder: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Applicant: 501(c)(3) organizations, including K-12 schools.

Amount: In-kind product donations.

Deadline: Ongoing, but the company asks that donation requests be made at least two weeks prior to the desired shipment arrival date, and no earlier than three months ahead of that date.


Bank of the West’s Charitable Investments Programs 

Purpose:  To help meet the needs of the communities we serve by supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving quality of life, particularly for low and moderate income individuals and communities.  Bank of the West is also proud to sponsor events that enhance the vitality of our neighborhoods, celebrate our community’s success and support local charities.  The charitable giving categories are:  Community and Economic Development; Education and Job Training; Health and Human Care; Civic and Cultural.

Funder: Bank of the West

Applicant: Public, nonprofit charitable organizations and agencies.  The organizations must serve Bank of the West’s geographic areas.

Amount: Varies by request.

Deadline: Applications are accepted year round.  It is recommended that you submit event sponsorship requests 90 days prior to the event date.


The Dreyers Foundation 

Purpose: To support programs for family, school and community environments that build skills and foster talents in young people.  The foundation makes small grants, and donates ice cream products and gift certificates and auction items to nonprofit organizations for events. 

Funder: Dreyer’s Foundation

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations.

Amount: Small grants up to $1,000 and in-kind product donations.

Deadline: Rolling.  Proposals reviewed monthly.  Allow an eight-week processing time for ice cream and gift item requests.


Healthier U.S. School Challenge 

Purpose: To recognize schools that are creating healthier school environments through their promotion of good nutrition and physical activity.

Funder: U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Applicant: Open to all schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program.  The school must also be enrolled as a Team Nutrition school and be in compliance with all USDA nutrition standards for school lunches.  In addition, each school must provide nutrition education and meet the physical education and activity requirement.

Amount: Cash incentives of $500 to $2,000 for award-winning schools.

Deadline: There is no deadline.  Monetary incentives are available until funds run out.  Applications should be sent in as soon as possible.


The Tools for Intervention & Practical Strategies (T.I.P.S.) Foundation 

Purpose:  To provide support for low cost, high quality training and skill development programs for individuals who have a developmental disability; programs and projects that enhance opportunities for prevention & intervention related to developmental disabilities; and cutting edge, best practice training, conferences and workshops for professionals in the field of intervention & related fields; family and caregivers of people with disabilities; children, youth, and adults who have disabilities; and community members interested in including people with disabilities.

Funder: T.I.P.S. Foundation

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations.

Amount: Grants amount vary by project and focus.

Deadline: Rolling, but requests should be made a minimum of eight weeks prior to the requested timeframe.


Wells Fargo Corporate Giving 

Purpose:  To support organizations that strengthen our communities.  Education giving includes promoting academic achievement for low and moderate-income students and promoting training for teachers and administrators working with low and moderate-income students.  Low and moderate-income is defined as income less than 80% of the area median income for the community served.

Funder: Wells Fargo Bank

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: Varies by proposal.

Deadline: Rolling.  Grant proposals are reviewed throughout the calendar year.  You will be notified of a decision no later than 90-120 days after Wells Fargo receives your fully completed application.


The Oriental Trading Company Programs 

Purpose:  To provide support to organizations and programs that serve to improve the lives of children and youth, with an emphasis on education and youth programs.

Funder: The Oriental Trading Company, Inc.

Applicant: 501(c)(3) organizations, public schools, colleges, and universities operated exclusively for public purposes.

Amount: Donations may consist of cash, Oriental Trading product or a combination of both.

Deadline: Rolling.



Hall Research T-Squared Teaching through Technology Grants 

Purpose: To give educational institutions the opportunity to receive grants for classroom Audio/Visual control equipment that is manufactured by the Hall Research under the “A/V Switch-CAT All-In-One” family of products.

Funder:  Hall Research, Inc.

Applicant: Primary, secondary and higher education institutions are eligible.

Amount: The award is audio/visual equipment that is manufactured by Hall Research.

Deadline:  Ongoing.  The Grant Committee meets on a monthly basis to evaluate the applications submitted and to select the grant recipients.


Safeway Foundation 

Purpose:  Provides funding for:  hunger relief; education; health and human services; and people with special needs.

Funder: The Safeway Foundation.

Applicant: You must live in an area of company operations.

Amount: Grants range from $1,000 to $25,000.

Deadline: Rolling for letters of inquiry.


Best Buy Consumer Electronics Grants 

Purpose: To help provide more opportunities for people nationwide to recycle their electronics in an environmentally friendly way.  The grants are available to any group that plans an environmentally responsible electronics recycling program.  The grants are designed to help defray the costs of such programs which are already planned, allowing groups to do more with their budgets.

Funder: Best Buy Corporation

Applicant: Nonprofit groups conducting electronics recycling programs.

Amount: $500-$1,500

Deadline: Ongoing


Do Something Seed Grants (for youth) 

Purpose: These grants are targeted towards projects ideas and programs that are just getting started.  These grants can be used to jump-start your program or to realize your ideas for the first time. 

Funder: Do

Applicant: Individuals, 25 and under that would like to work to start a community action project or program. 

Amount: $500.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Mechanics Bank

Purpose: To support educational initiatives (in areas of company operations) that motivate and challenge today’s youth to become successful and productive citizens. 

Funder: Mechanics Bank

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations.

Amount: Grant amounts vary by organization’s request and need. 

Deadline: There is no deadline for applications.


Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program 

Purpose: To identify the best and brightest high school seniors in their communities to help motivate young people to achieve their potential, to be involved in their schools, and to be catalysts for positive change in their communities.

Funder: The Comcast Foundation

Applicant: Must be a full-time high school senior, must demonstrate a strong commitment to community service and display leadership abilities in school activities or through work experience, and must have a grade point average of 2.8 or higher.  All nominations must be made exclusively by the Principal or Guidance Counselor.  They can e-mail to verify school eligibility status and to request program materials. 

Amount: $1,000 one-time grant to be used toward their pursuit of higher education.

Deadline: Ongoing



Little Kids Rock 

Purpose:  To provide free musical instruments, training, and resources to any public school teacher who wants to run a music program in their school.

Funder: Little Kids Rock

Applicant: Must be a full-time public school teacher; able to attend the two-day workshop; able to play at least five chords on the guitar; and willing and able to offer a guitar class to students at your school.  Classes me meet at least once a week.

Deadline: Rolling



Purpose:  To provide a range of resources to organizers of green community events seeking to sustain their volunteer efforts.

Funder: Aquafina Community Action Program

Applicant: Nonprofit events ranging from shoreline clean-ups and habitat restorations to mass participation events like marathons and concerts.

Deadline: Rolling


IDDBA – International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association 

Purpose:  To provide training programs free of charge to qualified educators who teach culinary arts, pastry arts, food merchandising, food handling or other food industry-related courses. Funder: The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association

Applicant: High schools, vocational schools, two and four-year colleges, and graduate schools.
Amount: In-kind donation of training programs.

Deadline: Ongoing


Walgreens Corporate Charitable Giving Grants    

Purpose:  To improve community access to health and wellness, civic and community outreach, and mentoring initiatives.
: Walgreens
Applicant: Nonprofit organizations.

Amount: Varies.

Deadline: Rolling.


The Guitar Center Music Foundation 

            Purpose: To provide support for music education.  The center seeks to inspire creativity and

            personal expression, build self-esteem, and teach cooperation and team building from playing

            music together.

Funder: The Guitar Center

Applicant: 501(c)(3) organizations that support music education and music educators.

Amount: Grants range from $500 to $5,000.

Deadline: Applications are reviewed three times per year.