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Rolling Grants

Current rolling grants available


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Rolling Grants WITHOUT DUE dates

MAY 2021

*Blue: Academic Support/Professional Development Grants, Purple: Technology, Pink: School Climate and Safety, Red: Arts and Enrichment Grants, Orange: Nutrition and Physical Fitness, and Green: Youth Development and Community Service Grants.

The Webb Family Foundation Grants 

Purpose:  To support organizations that serve under-resourced children who, through their indomitable positive spirit, determination, and work ethic, are able to rise above their struggles to create their own destiny.  Areas of interest:  K-12 Education, Youth Development, Career or Workforce Development, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, STEM, Digital/Blended Learning, and Youth Mentorship.

Funder:  The Webb Family Foundation.

Applicant: Organizations that are at least 3 years old and are recognized as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS; Organizations that have hard data demonstrating strong results and proven impact; and Organizations that serve children from K to 24 years in the United States.  Priority goes to organizations serving children in the Bay Area of California. 

Amount: Varies by project. 

Deadline: Rolling.  Applications are accepted online.  Once your application is reviewed and if determined for a potential fit, the Webb Family Foundation will reach out to you to schedule a call or to solicit an official Letter of Inquiry.


Tom’s of Maine Green Your School Fund 

Purpose:  The fund asks teachers to submit a creative environmental classroom project that aims to educate students about green initiatives.  Teachers submit their classroom projects and supply requests through  When teachers’ make a submission, Tom’s of Maine will automatically match every citizen donation made to qualifying projects.

Funder:  Tom’s of Maine.

Applicant: K-12 teachers.

Amount: Tom’s of Maine will match up to $1 million total in grants.

Deadline: Rolling.


The Dean Witter Foundation Grants 

Purpose: To help all students develop their full potential and to invest in innovative initiatives to enhance and improve student learning.  The foundation funds promising academic projects that are replicable across educational institutions; cultivate meaningful advances in the delivery of curriculum; inspire educational leaders to improve schools; and are evidence-based.  Specific areas of current interest include: 


  • :  Programs to support passionate and committed educational leaders to launch new and innovative initiatives to help students reach their full potential.
  • Effective Education:  Programs that are proven to measurably improve student learning.
  • :  Programs to achieve and inspire proficiency and excellence in reading and writing.
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math (STEAM):  Programs to encourage students to increase their aptitude in STEAM and excite young learners to explore careers in science and engineering.
  • Graduation Rate:  Programs to improve high school graduation rates and college and work readiness of all students.


Funder: The Dean Witter Foundation.

Applicant: Tax-exempt charitable institutions as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code on a continuing basis.  The Foundation supports programs in Northern California.

Amount: Varies upon request.  In 2013, the foundation awarded over $300,000 in K-12 education grants.  The Foundation does not have a standard application form.  Applicants should send one complete proposal to the consultant with the following elements:   Cover Letter, Specific Request, Personnel Information, Organizational Information, Financial Information, and Addenda.  See website for details.

Deadline: Rolling.  The Board of Trustees meets quarterly to review proposals.



Technology Grants



School Climate and Safety Grants


School Safety Grants 

Purpose: To seek out and provide technology solutions that will reduce response time and save lives in an emergency.  This grant seeks to implement and install real, life-saving technology that can immediately improve the safety and security of school districts.

Funder: School Safety Grant.

Applicant: Open to all recognized non-profit and public K-12 schools, including private and parochial schools, thereby meeting IRS requirements.

Amount: Up to $20,000 to receive full implementation of ALERT, a software app that reduces response times in an active shooter situation or other emergency while providing law enforcement with actionable intelligence.

Deadline: The School Safety Grant features a rolling application that’s reviewed on a month-to-month basis.


EpiPen4Schools Program     

Purpose: To help improve access to epinephrine in the event a person experiences a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) in the school setting. 

Funder: Myland and Bioridge Pharma

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: Each award consists of up to four free EpiPen or EpiPen Jr Auto-Injectors in the form of two EpiPen 2-Pak cartons, two EpiPen Jr 2-Pak cartons, or one 2-Pak of each kind; free replenishment product in the event that the free supply is used to respond to a life-threatening allergic reaction; a convenient storage unit, the EpiLocker, to store EpiPen 2-Pak and EpiPen Jr. 2-Pak cartons received through the program; How to Use an EpiPen Auto-Injector, containing instructions on how to use Mylan epinephrine auto-injectors; and EpiPen Trainers, which contain no drug product or needle, to practice administering an EpiPen Auto-Injector.

Deadline: Rolling.



Arts and Enrichment Grants



Youth and Community Development Grants



Nutrition and Physical Fitness Grants


No Kid Hungry Grants Program 

Purpose: To support innovative programs that help improve children’s access to programs that help address hunger.

Funder: Share our Strength

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations, schools, and other eligible organizations who are involved in the following activities:  increasing access to summer meals programs; education and enrolling more eligible families in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the Women, Infants, and Children program; increasing access to afterschool snack and meal programs; and advocacy around any of the previously mentioned anti-hunger issues.

Amount: Grants range from $5,000 to $10,000.

Deadline: Rolling for letters of inquiry.





California Casualty $2,500 Educator Jackpot  NEW! 

Purpose: Designed to bring a little excitement to educators across the country, this giveaway will award eight members $2,500 to spend out they want!
Funder:  California Casualty.

Applicant: K-12 public schools.

Amount: $2,500.

Deadline: No deadline listed.


Reverb Gives Grants  NEW!  

Purpose: To help youth music programs across the world with instruments they need to make music.

Funder:  Reverb.  Reverb is the largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments.

Applicant:  Non-profit youth music programs, non-profits and other organizations including public schools.

Amount: Up to $5,000 in Reverb credits to purchase instruments from a seller on Reverb.  They walk you through the process of purchasing instruments and gear you need from over 30,000 shops.

Deadline: Ongoing.


The Guitar Center Music Foundation Grants  NEW!  

Purpose: To support  music education programs nationally by providing those in need with instruments and by advocating the benefits of music education.

Funder:  The Guitar Center Music Foundation.

Applicant:  Music instruction programs that are part of 501(c)(3) organizations or  public schools in the United States.  To qualify as a music instruction program, participants must be learning how to make music.  A qualified program must fit into one of these four categories:  In-school music classes, in which the students make music; After-school music programs that are not run by the school; Community music programs, which offer music instruction to community members; Music therapy programs, in which the participants make the music. 

Amount: Lightly used, blemished or otherwise imperfect instruments and equipment that has been collected from manufacturers and retailers.  The organization is currently awarding acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and the equipment necessary to play these instruments. Other traditional music instruments are sometimes available including string instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, percussion instruments, keyboards and voice. 

Deadline: Ongoing.


BBVA Foundation Small Grants Program  NEW! 

Purpose: To address the unique needs and opportunities of its community.  The foundation has six focus areas:  community development, including financial literacy; education; health; and human services, arts and culture, environment and natural resources; and diversity and inclusion.  Within the education focus area, the foundation focuses its giving on the following priorities:  Addressing urgent needs in prekindergarten thru grade 12 education through public school sponsored or facilitated curriculum-based programs; advancing PreK thru 12 student achievement through teacher professional development with the goal of supporting and retaining the best educators; facilitating merit-based access to higher education for underrepresented groups; and supporting research and special programs at higher education institutions.  The foundation also supports the delivery of financial education and financial literacy to children, adolescents, and adults, especially in low to moderate-income communities.

 Funder:  BBVA Foundation.

Applicant: Public, private, homeschool, and 501(c)(3) organizations.

Amount: Grants up to $5,000. 

Deadline: The application cycle opened January 31, 2021 and is accepting applications on a rolling basis.


COVID-19 Emergency School Nutrition Funding Grants 

Purpose: To support emergency school nutrition programs in response to the coronavirus crisis.  Grants are intended for resources and equipment for meal distribution and delivery, including soft-sided coolers, bags, and containers for individual services, as well as protective gear for food workers.

Funder: GENYOUth Foundation.

Applicant: Public, private, charter, other (including homeschool, 501 (c)(3) organizations.

Amount: Grants up to $3,000 per school are awarded.

Deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


School Incentive Program 

Purpose: To help schools address student fitness levels.  Greenfield believes that establishing healthy lifestyles must start early, and they are committed to helping the nation’s physical educators work toward this goal.

Funder: Greenfields Outdoor Fitness.

Applicant: Public and private schools, colleges, and universities.  Municipalities and counties are also eligible to apply for projects utilizing joint use areas.

Amount: The program provides matching grants of up to 50 percent.  Grants are given in the form of in-kind donations of additional fitness equipment.

Deadline: Ongoing.


The Black Violin Foundation Musical Innovation Grant Scholarships

Purpose: To support young people in continuing their instrumental musical education.   Scholarships must be used for established and legitimate music classes or programs, such as private lessons, musical camps, and college courses.

Funder:  Black Violin Foundation.

Applicant: Eligible applicants are young musicians aged 12-22.  Applicants must be musicians seeking continuing musical education.  Applicants must complete the application and submit a video no longer than one minute of themselves playing their instrument highlighting their unique style and creativity.

Amount: Scholarships up to $2,500.  Scholarships will be awarded bi-annually to up to 20 applicants per scholarship schedule.

Deadline:  Applications are accepted year-round.


Monarch Watch 

Purpose:  This conservation measure is to provide free Milkweed plugs for school and nonprofits to help create habitats for monarchs and pollinators.  Monarchs and pollinators need our help due to habitat loss.

Funder:  Monarch Watch.

Applicant:  Schools and educational nonprofits.  Applicants must have:  Clearly described educational goals; A clear, long-term maintenance plan for the garden space; Adequate space (more than 100 square feet) and light (over six hours per day); Spring/Summer/Fall nectar sources existing or to be added in addition to milkweed; Administrative support; and Commitment to sending an evaluation of the garden success, including photos.

Amount:  Recipients receive a flat of 32 milkweed plugs, as well as guidance on how to create a new habitat or enhance an existing garden. 

Deadline: Ongoing.


Believe in Reading Grants 

Purpose: To support successful literacy programs that serve populations that show out of the ordinary needs, such as geographic areas with low reading scores and high poverty levels.  The organization will consider funding programs that serve any age or aspect of supporting reading and literacy, including adult literacy or English as a second language projects.

Funder: Believe in Reading.

Applicant: 501(c)(3) educational institutions, and public libraries.

Amount: Grants range from $1,000 to $10,000 and are renewable up to three years.

Deadline: Rolling.



Purpose:  To support nonprofit organizations focused on education and job skills in a variety of ways.  The organization must be focused on Education – e.g., schools, GED program, mentoring, tutoring, college preparation or Job Skills – e.g., job training/placement, resume building, interview skills, career exploration.

Funder: Staples Corporation.

Applicant: Registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations or public school. 

Amount: Varies by request.  See local store manager for We Care gift cards and in-kind product donations for supplies needed to help make a community event or program a success.  Staples supports teachers, students and education by donating to to help fund classroom project requests in public schools across America. 

Deadline: Rolling.


Salad Bars to Schools Program 

Purpose: To donate salad bars to schools so that every child across the nation has daily access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Funder: The Chef Ann Foundation, National Fruit & Vegetable Alliance, United Fresh Start Foundation, and Whole Foods Market.

Applicant:  Any district or independent school participating in the National School Lunch Program.  There is just one application form for both multiple salad bar & single salad bar package requests.  The food services director for your district is the required contact person for the application.  To qualify for a grant, you must offer the salad bar as part of the reimbursable meal served in your district.  The 6-foot, five-well salad bar package is for locations that serve at least 100 reimbursable meals daily.

Amount: One full salad bar grant includes a portable 72-inch, five-well insulated salad bar; two tray slides; five pan chillers; divider bars; two 4-inch deep full pans with covers; four 4-inch deep half pans with covers; 12 4-inch deep quarter pans with covers; five buffet chilling pads; and 16 serving tongs.

Deadline: Rolling.


DiscoverE Collaboration Grants 

Purpose:  To facilitate collaboration within the engineering community and to engage youth (particularly underserved K-12 students) with hands-on learning experiences and events that inspire an interest and understanding of engineering.  

Funder:  DiscoverE (formerly the National Engineers Week Foundation).

Applicant: College students, working engineers, educators and volunteers may apply.  Limited to local organizations in the United States.  A project requires collaboration among at least three different organizations for funding consideration:  One must be a DiscoverE Steering Committee member and one other from a DiscoverE Diversity Council member.  Both student and professional chapters/sections are eligible.  Project/programs are not limited to those in the DiscoverE portfolio, but those connected to DiscoverE will be given additional weight. 

Amount: Five $1,000 grants are available.  Grantees will receive $750 upon winning the grant and $250 upon submission of an outcomes report to DiscoverE headquarters. 

Deadline: Rolling.  Applications are reviewed as received.  Due to COVID-19, in person and virtual events are eligible for funding.  Be creative.  We want to hear how you plan to celebrate Engineers Week.


The Saxena Family Foundation Grants 

Purpose: To advance inventive and effective ways of promoting STEM education in the United States and to empower young women so that they have equal rights later in life.  The foundation focuses on empowerment programs that include economic, educational, and political empowerment of women through literacy programs, job and life skills training.

Funder: The Saxena Family Foundation. 

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations in the United States and India.

Amount: Grants up to $250.

Deadline: Rolling.


H20 for Life Mini-Grants 

Purpose:  To improve our local and global communities through engaging youth as change-makers for a better world.  H20 for Life has worked to create a program for teachers to educate youth about the global water crisis and take action to provide water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH) for global partner schools. 

Funder: H20 for Life.

Applicant: Schools.

Amount:  A service grant up to $500.  Grant money can be used for costs associated with project supplies, event costs, promotional materials, and other expenses related to the planning and implementation of your service activity. 

Deadline: Rolling deadline with a limited amount of grants.


The Children’s Fund of School Psychology, Inc., Basic Needs Grants 

Purpose:  To meet the specific needs of children and youth that are not currently being met.  Funding is available for one grant per year.  Examples of items meeting grant criteria include clothing, food, eyeglasses, school supplies, dental work, etc.

Funder: The Children’s Fund of School Psychology.

Applicant:  Grants are only available to current, retired, and/or trained school psychologists.  Graduate students who are in their practicum or internship in school psychology also qualify.

Amount:  Maximum grant amount is $300.

Deadline: Ongoing.


The Children’s Fund of School Psychology, Inc., Mental Health Grants 

Purpose:  To encourage practicing school psychologists to enhance their own capabilities to provide mental health services with their school.  Examples of items that are acceptable for funding include therapeutic videos and games, relaxation tapes, counseling resources, books for bibliotherapy, and social skills resources.  The intent is for funded items to remain with the school psychologist rather than belonging to the school district.

Funder: The Children’s Fund of School Psychology.

Applicant:  Grants are only available to current, retired, and/or trained school psychologists.  Graduate students who are in their practicum or internship in school psychology also qualify.

Amount:  Maximum grant amount is $200.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Social Worker Resource Grants 

Purpose:  To meet the critical needs of clients who are children in dependency court.  Examples include funding for eye glasses, dental care, medical testing, clothing, school supplies, tutoring and/or household supplies for emancipated youth, etc. 

Funder: Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. 

Applicant: Any Children & Family Services Social Worker or Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) working with foster care youth in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo or Santa Clara counties is eligible to apply for a maximum of two grants in a one-year period, one per client.  CASAs are eligible to apply for a maximum of one grant in a one-year period.

Amount: Grants up to $250.

Deadline: Ongoing until funds are exhausted.


American Institute for Foreign Study Foundation 

Purpose:   To assist high schools across the United States to develop programs that increase international understanding.  Funding is given to schools that illustrate a commitment to international exchange by hosting international students and developing projects, programs, and events that teach students about global awareness.

Funder:  The American Institute of Foreign Study Foundation.

Applicant: High schools.

Amount: $1,000 grants.

Deadline: Rolling.


The Charlie Lovett Fund for Elementary Drama 

Purpose: To support production based theatre arts programs at the elementary school level. 

Funder:  Charlie Lovett and The Lovett Foundation

Applicant: Elementary schools. (Grades 1-5)

Amount: Grants up to $300.

Deadline:  Grants are made on a rolling basis beginning in August of each school year.


The Voya Foundation

Purpose:  To support programs with well-defined metrics and measurable outcomes that all work toward the same goal – to help create financially resilient youths.  The foundation seeks to:

  • Provide innovative and experiential K-8 STEM learning opportunities to promote an early interest in STEM career fields and improve teachers’ capabilities in STEM.
  • Provide financial education curriculum to grades 9-12 students focused on navigating major financial milestones, including student debt, credit, home ownership, financial products and services/financial capability, and family financial needs.

Funder:  The Voya Foundation.

Applicant: Nonprofit organizations.

Amount: Grant requests must be a minimum of $2,500.

Deadline: Ongoing.



Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation Sports Matter Program 

Purpose: To inspire and enable high-poverty youth to participate in sports.  Sports Matter because participation in sports makes people better. Sports increase confidence and motivate kids to stay in the classroom and aim for higher education. They help build character and teach life lessons that extend well beyond the playing field.

Funder: Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation.

Applicant: 501(c)(3) organizations that have a team youth sports focus.  Applicants must be located in a community where Dick’s Sporting Goods has a presence.  The foundation also provides sponsorships for community youth sports teams and youth sports leagues that are helping youth from low socioeconomic communities and families.

Amount: Grants up to $25,000.

Deadline: Rolling.


Herman’s Garden Seed Donation Program     

Purpose: To honor the support of Herman Warsh and his wife MaryAnne Mott.  They helped to establish The Seed Savers Exchange headquarters in Decorah, Iowa. 

Funder: The Seed Savers Exchange.

Applicant:  Community and educational groups who will freely share the harvest, community and educational groups who will save seed for others in need, nonprofits, schools, community gardens, and educational programs.

Amount: In-kind see donation.

Deadline: Rolling.


Think It Up Education Initiative 

Purpose: Think It Up is a new movement to excite students about learning, celebrate teachers and help innovate the learning experience in America.  Think It Up projects promote problem-solving, social-emotional learning, and student agency.  Think It Up invited students to work with their teachers to develop projects that draw on their passions and connect to the futures they want to pursue.  In collaboration with, the student-powered, teacher-led projects will be crowdfunded by citizen donors. 

Funder:  The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) with support from The Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation, Staples, Ashoka, Exxon Mobil and

Applicant: Students 13+ in age and in grades 7-12 at a public or charter school in the United States.

Amount: Once half of the student-powered project is crowdfunded then Think It Up and its generous supporters will fund the second half.  Students and teachers have a deadline of up to four months to reach full funding for their project. 

Deadline: Ongoing.


The Alternative Fuel Foundation Grant Program 

Purpose: To aid in the development of programs that promote renewable energy, environmental sustainability, and earth stewardship. 

Funder: The Alternative Fuel Foundation.

Applicant: Any individual nonprofit public and private K-12 school or parent group associated with a nonprofit public or private K-12 school.  Parent groups that are applying (PTO, PTA< etc.) must have an independent tax ID# and official 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.  If your group does not have 501(c)(3) status, please apply through your school.  Pre-schools are not eligible.  Projects that encourage parent involvement and build stronger community spirit will be favored.  Only 10% of any award granted can be used toward outside resources such as labor, installation, consultation and delivery.

Amount: Grants range from $250 - $500.  Larger grants will be considered on a case by case basis.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Good Sports Grants  

Purpose: To help lay the foundation for healthy, active lifestyles by providing athletic equipment, footwear, and apparel to disadvantaged youths nationwide.  The proposed programs must:  Directly serve youths between 3-18 years old; Serve youths in an economically disadvantaged area; and operate an organized sport, recreational activity or fitness program that offers consistent and structured opportunity for play to large groups of children.

Funder: Good Sports

Applicant: K-12 schools.  More than half of the school must be eligible for free/reduced lunch.

Amount: In-kind sports equipment and apparel.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Chipotle Fundraising/Donations 

Purpose:  To support organizations in a variety of ways, including in-restaurant fundraisers for schools, donations in-kind, and through its Script fundraising program.  Requests must be received at least 12 weeks prior to the donation date in order to be considered.

Funder: Chipotle.       

Applicant: K-12 schools, youth community groups, university groups, community gardens, and food and sustainable agriculture groups.

Amount: Varies by request.  Participants that fundraise with Chipotle receive 50 percent of the event’s net sales.

Deadline: Rolling.


The Children’s Fund of School Psychology, Inc., Service Grants  

Purpose:  To support projects designed to provide direct services that relate to the mental health, education, or development of children and youth.  Hands-on projects that include children or parents as participants are required and must be consistent with the purposes and priorities of the Children’s Fund of School Psychology, Inc.  Projects should provide direct instruction in the classroom, such as a social skills program or a social communication training program.  Also, any mental health education that is either classroom-based or school-wide and/or any projects that address bullying prevention, suicide prevention, etc. are permissible. 

Funder: The Children’s Fund of School Psychology.

Applicant:  Must be school psychologists who are members of The Children’s Fund of School Psychology.

Amount:  Grants between $500 and $3,000.

Deadline: Ongoing.


The Awesome Foundation Grants 

Purpose: To conserve, sustain, and support the worldwide ecosystem of awesomeness.  Projects have included efforts in a wide range of areas including technology, arts, social good, and beyond.  Awesome projects tend to challenge and expand our understanding of our individual and communal potentials.  They bring communities together, casting aside social inhibitions and boundaries for a moment.  They spark an instant of joy and delight and inspire a long-term hope for a more awesome future!

Funder: The Awesome Foundation, San Francisco Chapter or Oakland Chapter.

Applicant: Open to all people and organizations.  There are no prerequisites to apply beyond, of course, being awesome.

Amount: Up to $1,000.

Deadline: Ongoing, but due the last day of every month.


Good Sports Equipment Grants Program 

Purpose: To support healthy, active lifestyles by providing athletic equipment, footwear, and apparel to disadvantaged young people nationwide.  There is a donation processing fee of 5% of the total retail value of the items. (e.g., if the total value of your items equal $2,000, you will be asked to provide $100, etc.) 

Funder: Good Sports

Applicant: Applicant’s organization directly serves youth between the ages of 3-18 years old; the organization serves youth in an economically disadvantaged area; the organization charges a participation fee of $299 or below; more than half of the student body must be eligible for free/reduced lunch; organization is located in the United States; and the organization operates an organized sport, recreational activity, or fitness program that offers consistent and structured opportunity for play to large groups of children.  Schools must apply as a whole; applications for individual programs or teams within the school will not be considered.

Amount: The company provides support for:  equipment, apparel, and footwear that is available at the current time.  The organization will be able to use up to six(6) total donation requests over a two-year period, with a maximum of three(3) donation requests per year.

Deadline:  Ongoing.


USA Today Education Grant Request 

Purpose: To provide complimentary access to the electronic newspaper of USA TODAY at no cost to your classroom to help connect students to the people, places and events that shape their lives.  This presents educators with the unique opportunity to incorporate real-world information into their curriculum, engage students with innovative learning strategies and improve literacy and critical thinking skills.

Funder: Gannett Media Education.

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: In-kind donation of e-newspaper. 

Deadline: Rolling.


DigiGirlz High Tech Camp For Girls 

Purpose: To give young people a chance to experience, firsthand, what it is like to develop cutting-edge technology and to works to dispel stereotypes of the high-tech industry.  During the camp session, the girls listen to executive speakers, participate in technology tours and demonstrations, network and learn through hands-on experience in workshops.

Funder:  Microsoft Corporation 

Applicant: Student must be at least 13 years old to apply for a camp that accepts seventh graders.  Most of the camps are targeted to girls in high school.

Amount: Free admission to the High Tech camp.

Deadline:  Ongoing.


Wondershare Software for Schools Donation Program

Purpose: To make selected Wondershare software titles available for donation to schools around the world because Wondershare believes technology can do amazing things.  In the hands of students, technology can inspire & ignite imagination in and out of the classroom.  Video Converter Ultimate and Fantashow software are available for elementary schools:  Video Converter Ultimate, Video Editor and PDF Edidor are available for middle and high schools.

Funder:  Wondershare 

Applicant: Accredited public, private and charter elementary, middle and high schools. 

Amount: In-kind multimedia software donation.

Deadline:  Ongoing.


Fruit Tree 101 Program    

Purpose: To plant fruitful trees and plants to alleviate world hunger, combat global warming, strengthen communities, and improve the surrounding air, soil and water.

Funder: The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. (FTPF)

Applicant: Nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, public schools, or government entities serving a charitable purpose.  Recipients must either own the planting site, have a long-term lease in place or work with a nonprofit or government entity that owns the planting site with a long-term usage agreement in place.  Recipient must be fully committed to caring for the trees in perpetuity.  Recipients must have a horticulturally appropriate planting site, capable of hosting a grove of fruit trees at approximately 15 ft. intervals.  The orchard must have a reliable source of year-round irrigation nearby.  Recipients must help coordinate the attendance of local volunteers to join them on the day of planting.

Amount: The Orchard donations involve, on average, about 15-20 trees minimum to public schools.  The trees, materials, orchard installation design work, and onsite environmental curriculum with students are all donated, free of charge for the benefit of the school and its students. 

Deadline: Rolling.  


Literacy for a Lifetime Grant Program 

Purpose:  To serve as a way to expand a library collection, build a leveled book room, or provide supplemental classroom materials. 

Funder: Educational Development Corporation, trade publisher of Usborne children’s books and Kane Miller children’s books.

Applicant: Local educational institutions.

Amount: Donations or grants are given to the organization or school.  The organization or school will choose the books they would like to receive from the Usborne Books & More catalog.  The total of the books will equal 150% of the amount given.  100% will be purchased with the donation or grant money and the other 50% will be donated by Usborne Books & More.  Donations must be a minimum of $250.  Free shipping applies.  The grant matching program can be used as often as needed with no maximum on the amount that can be donated or matched.

Deadline:  Rolling.


The Shell Oil Company Foundation 

Purpose:  To provide funding on energy awareness with special publics, increasing interest in technical careers among students and professional development in science and math among educators. Shell supports K-12 programs that boost math and science skills, as well as university programs that aid engineering and geoscience students and departments. Shell funds projects at vocational and technical schools where chemical and refinery operators and technicians are trained. We are especially interested in supporting educational outreach in math, science and technology to women/minority students and academic institutions with ethnically diverse enrollments.

Funder: Shell Oil Company Foundation.

Applicant: Shell supports a wide range of charitable organizations that are tax-exempt in the United States, under Section 501(c) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Generally, the purpose of the organization, event or program must be to provide goods or services for low-income and low-middle income persons in need, and the organization, event or program must benefit persons or communities served by Shell locations.

Amount: Varies by request.

Deadline:  Rolling.


Computers for Learning (CFL) 

Purpose: To place computers in classrooms, prepare children to contribute and compete in the 21st century, and allow government agencies and the private sector to transfer surplus computer and related equipment to schools and educational non-profit organizations.  The goal is to make modern computer technology an integral part of every classroom so that every child has the opportunity to be educated to his or her full potential.

Funder:  Computers for Learning (CFL) sponsored by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

Applicant: Any preK-12 public, private, or parochial school or home school learning program located in the United States. 

Amount: Varies by request and need.

Deadline:  Ongoing.



Purpose: Teachers spend an average of $1,200 of their own money every school year purchasing materials for their classrooms.  Adopt-A-Classroom empowers teachers with additional funds to mitigate their out-of-pocket expenses and to purchase hands-on learning resources so they can transform their classrooms into vibrant centers for learning.  Adopt-A-Classroom invites the community into the classroom in support of teachers and their students.  By adopting a classroom, donors form partnerships with specific classrooms providing financial and moral support.  The result is a meaningful contribution to education in which donors experience the impact of their efforts and celebrate in a classroom’s success.

Funder: Adopt-A-Classroom receives financial support for its operations from foundations,

businesses and individuals.

Applicant: Principals, teachers and others connected with schools.

Amount: Varies.

Deadline: Ongoing


Bank of the West’s Charitable Investments Programs 

Purpose:  To help meet the needs of the communities we serve by supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving quality of life, particularly for low and moderate income individuals and communities.  Bank of the West is also proud to sponsor events that enhance the vitality of our neighborhoods, celebrate our community’s success and support local charities.  The charitable giving categories are:  Community and Economic Development; Education and Job Training; Health and Human Care; Civic and Cultural.

Funder: Bank of the West

Applicant: Public, nonprofit charitable organizations and agencies.  The organizations must serve Bank of the West’s geographic areas.

Amount: Varies by request.

Deadline: Applications are accepted year round.  It is recommended that you submit event sponsorship requests 90 days prior to the event date.


Wells Fargo Corporate Giving 

Purpose:  To support organizations that strengthen our communities.  Education giving includes promoting academic achievement for low and moderate-income students and promoting training for teachers and administrators working with low and moderate-income students.  Low and moderate-income is defined as income less than 80% of the area median income for the community served.

Funder: Wells Fargo Bank

Applicant: K-12 schools.

Amount: Varies by proposal.

Deadline: Rolling.  Grant proposals are reviewed throughout the calendar year.  You will be notified of a decision no later than 90-120 days after Wells Fargo receives your fully completed application.


The Oriental Trading Company Programs 

Purpose:  To provide support to organizations and programs that serve to improve the lives of children and youth, with an emphasis on education and youth programs.

Funder: The Oriental Trading Company, Inc.

Applicant: 501(c)(3) organizations, public schools, colleges, and universities operated exclusively for public purposes.

Amount: Donations may consist of cash, Oriental Trading product or a combination of both.

Deadline: Rolling.