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Dear families and community members,

Welcome to the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. We are honored to serve the children and families of our community. Our district is home to programs from preschool to adult school and we are proud contributors to our wonderful communities.

As a school district, we continue to see an increase in student success at all levels. Our mission is to ensure every student is academically challenged in a safe and supportive environment. We achieve this by opening doors and improving access for each and every one of our students. Together with our teachers, families, staff and community, we work daily to be a successful public school district.

Currently, we are in our fourth year of implementation of our Local Control Accountability Plan.  This plan came along with a change in our funding with the Local Control Funding Formula.  We continue to align our goals to our resources as we work hard to improve student achievement and create a positive learning environment.

As we continue this work, our goals guide us:

  • College and Career Readiness:  Every student should leave our district with options toward careers and higher education.
  • Professional Learning:  As a learning organization, what do we need to do to continuously improve?
  • Community Engagement:  How can we continue to engage parents and community to support our students?

We know that our students can succeed, and we want you to know that we will be holding every student to high expectations and working hard to support them toward their goals. Mt. Diablo is proud and committed to serve your students and value our partnerships to support student learning in a challenging and supportive environment.


Nellie Meyer


Mt. Diablo Unified School District

Dr. Nellie Meyer

 Dr. Nellie Meyer

(925) 682-8000, ext. 4000

Superintendent’s Goals


AIM:  The Superintendent will ensure that all goals and objectives will support the implementation of the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and the Strategic Plan.


They include the following:

1. In order to promote safe, positive, and effective learning environments, common core standards and equitable behavior expectations and discipline consequences are implemented at every school in the district.


2. Support parents in supporting their children at home academically and socially.


3. Build staff morale and efficacy, ensuring that staff considers MDUSD the preferred place to work.


4. Proactively assess, adopt, and approve practices that encourage respectful, responsive, courteous customer service both internally and externally.


5. Place priority on educational needs and programs when making budget decisions.