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Each MDUSD teacher who participates in the Teacher Induction Support Program receives personal, one-on-one support and guidance from a highly trained Peer Coach. Each Peer Coach is a skilled and experienced classroom teacher who has been selected to serve, full-time, as a mentor for beginning teachers. Peer Coaches' roles and responsibilities include:

  • Developing a supportive relationship with each Participating Teacher that is characterized by confidentiality and a non-evaluative focus on instructional practice and professional growth.


  • Collaborating with other Peer Coaches and colleagues to assist with Participating Teacher support.


  • Supporting Participating Teachers in implementing the formative assessment system, and developing a Professional Induction Portfolio which includes meeting with each Participating Teacher an average of at least one hour per week.


  • Providing Participating Teachers assistance and feedback regarding their progress toward completing requirements for a Clear Credential recommendation.

Information about TISP

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