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The TIS Guide to Services highlights the services offered by our department, and our FAQ can help with some of the basics. 

Classrooms and Labs

All schools have a Technician, at least part-time. This is a qualified technician who is responsible for all classroom and lab support at your school. Each school should have a process for notifying this tech of any needs for support.

Every school should also have a teacher that serves as a "Technology Integration Leader" (TIL). This person will a good point person to work with on technology training needs.

If you work in a classroom or lab and need service, please do the following:

  1. Before contacting anyone, please check the FAQs. This will allow you to search for a possible solution and ask general questions.
  2. Follow your school's established process for alerting your Site Tech. The tech is responsible for solving classroom and lab tech issues at your site.
Tech Support for Families


Please contact your SCHOOL SITE directly for support.


Technology Help Desk 

(925) 682-8000 x 4105


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